You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking’s Alpha Is Signaling for Terrible Drivers

Fresh off the factory floor and eager to put the pedal to the metal, You Suck at Parking is honking the horn for drivers of its alpha build. Announced on August 17, Belgium-based Happy Volcano’s sort-of racing simulator is a cheeky deviation from the norm. Your goal is, simply, to stop. Gracefully. Sorta. You Suck […]


The Planets Seem Fishy in TOHU’s New Gameplay Trailer

TOHU is Poland-based Fireart Games’s point-and-click charmer that’s available as a demo now through September 20 on the PAX Online x EGX Digital floor. With its handcrafted scenes teeming with curiosities, cuties, and…something called “Cubus,” TOHU promises a whimsical escape for this autumn. Fireart Games describes their project thus: “Experience a brand new adventure game set […]

Decline's Drops

Demo for Decline’s Drops Pulls No Punches

Brush off your dress and put up your fists in Decline’s Drops, the upcoming title from developer Drazglb. The demo for Decline’s Drops launched on September 5 for PC, and in it players can now punch their way through cute enemies that almost definitely deserve what’s coming to them. At the moment, the first level and […]

The Last Campfire

Hello Games Trades Hyperspace for Headspace in The Last Campfire

Hello Games is best known for its universe-spanning project No Man’s Sky, a survival game with colossal aspirations. But what happens when a studio lauded for its grasp at the stars turns its focus inward? The Last Campfire is what happens. England-based Hello Games describes their puzzler with the following: “The Last Campfire is an adventure, […]

art of rally

art of rally Reaches the Finish Line Sept. 23

Sitting confidently behind the wheel of art of rally, the upcoming racing simulator, is Canada-based Funselektor Labs. This isn’t developer Dune Casu’s first rodeo–er, race; those of you familiar with Absolute Drift will have an idea of what to expect from this new title’s stylized automotive experiences. art of rally is described thus: “Race in […]

Welcome to Elk

On Sept. 17, Welcome to Elk Retells True Tales

Tall tales are expected in fiction, but the strange and the inane thrive equally in real lives. Welcome to Elk, Denmark-based Triple Topping’s upcoming title, explores and celebrates the oddities of reality–the stories that are as unexpected as they are rarely told. Welcome to Elk is summarized with the following: “Welcome to Elk is a […]

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Limited-Time Beta Opening for Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

Snag your seat while there are seats to be snagged! Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is looking to absorb player feedback from a two-week period of beta testing before the summer ends. Unexplored 2 is in development by Netherlands-based Ludomotion, the studio also responsible for the first entry in the series, 2017’s Unexplored. Its successor […]


New APICO Demo Is Generating a Honeyed Buzz

Swallow your fear of stings and rise to the challenge of being bee patron versus victim in APICO, brothers ellraiser and metakitkat’s wholesome in-development project. On August 31, the Twitter account for APICO announced the launch of a new demo, featuring a taste of the first few hours of what their beekeeping simulator has in store. APICO […]

The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart Unleashes Heartfelt New Trailer

When a project looks this good this far out from release, there’s not much more for us commentators to say–the game speaks for itself. In The Wild at Heart‘s case, the game looked “this good” more than a year ago. In the months since we spoke with studio Moonlight Kids, The Wild at Heart has been […]


Carto Release Date Mapped for Oct. 27

Chart your destiny in Carto, a warmly beautiful puzzler now slated for release in late October. Carto is Taiwan-based Sunhead Games’s third title after A Ride into the Mountains and The Swords, and it signifies a new and significant leap into the world of consoles for the studio. It’s described succinctly with the following: “Carto is a chill […]


Classes Start for Turn-Based Ikenfell on Oct. 8

Happy Ray Games’s Ikenfell is set to open its academy doors early October per August 27’s announcement during gamescom 2020. After nearly five years of development, the magical romp looks to fire up fall for enthusiastic fans and curious newcomers. Ikenfell is summarized thus: “A turn-based tactical RPG about a group of troublesome magic students. Use […]


Announcement Trailer for Dogworld Raises the Woof

Announced today in a trailer and a tweet from developer Lateralis, Dogworld is a brand-new 2D action platformer with a bite as big as its bark. A music composer as well as a solo developer, Lateralis fuses the two disciplines in Dogworld, a retro adventure with a radical soundtrack. And yes, functionality for petting the dog […]

No Straight Roads

NO STRAIGHT ROADS Zigzags Onstage August 25

Sometimes an adrenaline hit in the form of a fiery musical rampage is exactly what you had in mind for the weekend. NO STRAIGHT ROADS, developed by Malaysia-based studio Metronomik, is exactly that–a spunky romp that can barely contain its own musical talent. Directed by the lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV and concept […]


Jumping Spiders Leap into the Limelight in Upcoming Webbed

Don’t worry–if you can’t handle our eight-legged friends, there’s an “arachnophobia” mode that turns your arachno-avatar into a blob. For the rest of you, studio Sbug Games has a spidery treat in store for 2021. On August 24, Riley Neville announced a name and trailer for Webbed, his in-development ode to the ineffably charming jumping spider. […]


Lead Your Eerie Family to Freedom in the Demo for Dap

In development by Australia-based studio Melting Parrot, Dap is an upcoming horror adventure with an eerie atmosphere that’s just to die for. A fresh update to the available demo went out late July as the studio continues to mold their creepy little project into a sinister final product. Dap is summarized thus: “Dap is an action-adventure/horror game […]


Dispel the Darkness in Lianthus, Out Now

Four months of dedicated game development by dev_dwarf has borne spookily delightful fruit. Lianthus, recently announced and simultaneously launched, is the candied apple of that labor, offering a sweet Halloween treat long before the season itself has crept in. Lianthus describes itself with the following: “A small adventure game with sunflowers, magic, and skeletons. After the […]


The Egg Came First in SHEEPO, Releasing Aug. 26

Kyle Thompson’s upcoming SHEEPO takes the “stomp everything that moves” metroidvania formula and transforms it into a wholesome new experience: Instead of kill everything on sight, save it. On August 12, Thompson announced that SHEEPO is launching before the end of the month. His unconventional platformer is summarized thus: “Explore a strange planet, collect the creatures you find, […]


Littlewood Emerges from Early Access a Well-Rooted Success

A Kickstarter sprout in January of 2019. An early-access sapling in June. Now, in August of 2020, Littlewood is a towering example of a smart delivery on a strong promise. Florida-based solo developer Sean Young has been inching Littlewood toward completion, update by update, for more than a year. His dedication and keen ear for […]

The Kind Camomille

Lend a Helping Paw in The Kind Camomille Demo

Random acts of kindness are, in actuality, never random at all. They’re intentional gestures representing the best humanity has to offer–grace, humility, and generosity. In the same way, there’s nothing random about solo developer Xavier Moiny’s decision to craft his upcoming title The Kind Camomille. The game itself is an intentional act of kindness, an […]

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

Oct. 16 Release Date Announced for Mystic Brawler 9 Monkeys of Shaolin

Two years ago we were all aboard the hype train for 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, and today we’re enthusiastically tooting the same horn to celebrate the arrival of its release date. Moscow-based Sobaka Studio has been developing 9 Monkeys of Shaolin tirelessly since at least 2018, and that dedication shows in the vibrant end result. The […]


Gaming Goes Meta in Upcoming qomp, Announced for 2020

A dream team has united under the fluttering banner of qomp, an upcoming puzzle-platformer announced on July 27. Miroko (Lorera, Gato Roboto), Clovelt (META-ZETA), Britt Brady (Gato Roboto), and Stuffed Wombat (Gutwhale) are collaborating on the development of this one-button adventure that takes you on a journey beyond what’s normally on-screen. Five words were enough […]

Gun Rounds

Be Quickly Clever on the Draw in Gun Rounds, Out Now

Oregon-based studio Blabberf launched Gun Rounds on August 2, offering mobile and PC gamers a welcome and pixel-perfect break from the norm. A study in minimalist design, Gun Rounds is a bite-sized, stripped-down adventure that tests how quick you are on the draw–and how smart you are about it. Gun Rounds is described with the following: […]

Cloud Garden

Newly Announced Cloud Gardens Breaks Ground This Year

Poignantly beautiful in message and scope, Cloud Gardens is a newly announced title centered around delicately balancing the natural with the manufactured. Cloud Gardens is being developed by Noio, an Amsterdam-based studio led by Thomas van den Berg, creator of Kingdom. The existence of this new project was broadcast on July 28 along with the following summary […]


Now You See It, Now You Don’t in Claustrophobic Creaks

The developer behind the freshly released Creaks is Amanita Design, the studio responsible for Machinarium and Samorost–a seemingly simple point of trivia that establishes a wealth of realized expectations for this latest title. Creaks follows Amanita Design’s tradition of painstakingly beautiful artwork, but it deviates in its typical point-and-click gameplay. Creaks is summarized thus: “The […]

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Creators of Monument Valley Announce New Project Named Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

On July 20, London-based ustwo games let the adorable cat out of the bag: they’re working on a new game, and that new game is slated for a winter 2020 release. ustwo games is responsible for titles such as Monument Valley and Assemble with Care–titles that have inspired countless other projects to reach similarly innovative and artistic […]

Mayhem in Single Valley

The Zombies Are Your Fault in the Demo for Mayhem in Single Valley

It wasn’t a scientist with nothing to lose. It wasn’t a corporation with nefarious aims. It wasn’t a government with twisted values. It was…you. You started the zombie apocalypse. In Ontario-based Fluxscopic’s Mayhem in Single Valley, you play as Jack, a young boy who single-handedly starts the apocalypse. Mayhem in Single Valley is summarized thus: […]

Fae Tactics

July 31 Launch Announced for Flowering Turn-Based RPG Fae Tactics

Endlessfluff Games, developer behind Legend of Fae and Valdis Story: Abyssal City, announced on July 17 through publisher Humble Games the release date for their upcoming Fae Tactics. A modern iteration on a nostalgic genre, Fae Tactics is a lush pixel RPG with turn-based strategy and a complex cast. Endlessfluff Games describes their title with the following: “In Fae […]

Born of Bread

New Official Title for WildArts’s Loaf Game Goes Against the Grain

Evidently determined to tease the paper-loving community into a frenzy, Canada-based WildArts has released nothing but delicious bites of their upcoming title for years. Now, as of July 17, enthusiastic fans have something a little more substantial to chew on: an official title, announced on the WildArts Twitter. “Loaf” the game has become Born of Bread, […]

Radio the Universe

6E6E6E Transmission States RADIO THE UNIVERSE Is Coming This Winter

On June 21, 6E6E6E shocked the airwaves with its announcement of a loose 2020 release window for RADIO THE UNIVERSE. According to the Twitter transmission, RADIO THE UNIVERSE lands sometime this winter. The mood-packed pixel title is described by solo developer Yuno Park with the following: “Radio the Universe is a minimalist sojourn through a vast city aeons […]


Get Your Pistons Pumping in Vandozer, Out Now in Early Access

Glorying in the freewheeling, fun-first attitude of flash games, physics-focused Vandozer is a hoot and a half. Solo developed by Seattle-based Space Bucket Games, Vandozer bulldozed into Early Access on July 3, promising loads more levels and livestreams to keep the community engaged. Vandozer is summarized with the following: “Take control of Vandozer’s three pistons to […]

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale on Deck to Ditch Early Access July 23

After a nine-month stint in Early Access beginning November 2019, Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is ready to play its hand, coming soon as a full release for PC. Studio Slothwerks announced on July 6 that Krumit’s Tale will leave Early Access on July 23, with updates on a mobile release soon to come. Slothwerks describes its deckbuilder […]


Test Your Platforming Prowess RITE Now

The “pretty as a swinging sawblade” RITE released on July 6 to the delight of all platforming enthusiasts eager to go splat. Solo developer Pond Games, based in Australia, has whipped up an extra-special dish of death for those who relish landing that perfect leap. Backed by a surprisingly lovely aesthetic and a jammin’ soundtrack, […]


Free Download for the Fine-Tuned Symphonia Available Now

Team Spear and their platformer Symphonia prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the future of indie gaming is in good hands. Paris-based Team Spear developed Symphonia as a graduate project for ISART Digital, a school for game animation and design located in France. The result of those efforts is a free demonstration of […]


On July 23, Röki Freezes Players in Place with its Frosty Nordic Folklore

Snow in summer is strange, but stranger yet are the monsters lurking beneath that pearly glow. Röki, developed by England-based Polygon Treehouse, draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore and splashes it onto a wintry canvas etched with intrigue. Long anticipated by the indie community, Röki is at last getting its moment to shine, and that moment […]


Play with Proportions in the Easygoing Demo for Sizeable

For when that shot of boss-stomping adrenaline is not what you’re in the mood for, Belgium-based Sander Ambroos has just the answer. Sizeable is a low-stress, low-poly puzzler with a free demo available now. Sizeable is described with the following: “Sizeable is a puzzle/exploration game about shrinking and growing the environment in order to find all […]


Get an Oob On in the Early Access Release for Ooblets, Coming July 15

On July 1, Glumberland studio treated the gaming community to a much-needed gift: the release-date announcement for Ooblets. It’s been a long journey for the long-suffering duo behind the scenes, and it’s a pleasure to see how far they’ve come and what Ooblets has grown into since our interview with them in 2018. Ooblets is summarized […]

An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF

July 29 Release Date Announced for An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF

Who says archaeologists need more brain matter than muscle? Not France-based studio Ernestine, and after seeing An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF in action, we wholeheartedly agree. The strapping Monsieur PAF is the star of Ernestine’s isometric, temple-traipsing adventure, announced on June 26 to be headed for a July 29 launch. The puzzler is described […]

Bird Alone

Pensive Bird Alone Announced to Leave the Nest July 9

It’s easy to close the door on the discussion about death, but instead Bird Alone flits its way into the room and settles down for a lovely chat. Created by George Batchelor and supported by the efforts of Eli Rainsberry, Allissa Chan, and Daisy Fernandez, Bird Alone is a ruminative fusion of philosophy, poetry, and […]


Graft a Gnarly Deck in Klei’s Griftlands, Now in Early Access

Klei Entertainment, the Vancouver-based studio behind Don’t Starve, has nothing to prove. Their titles have time and time again put their creativity and ingenuity on display, making them easily one of the premier indie developers of the decade. Needless to say, when Klei releases a new game, the community pays attention–and, boy, is there some good […]


Early Access for City-Simulator Townscaper Launches June

Oskar Stålberg, one of the developers behind Bad North, is solo releasing a serene city simulator this month. Townscaper, described more as a “toy” than a proper game, offers players an algorithmic-based paintbrush–a paintbrush which brings to life placid floating towns. Townscaper is summarized thus: “Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than […]

Burning Knight

Ransack a Ruthless Castle in Burning Knight, Out Now

The Burning Knight’s abode awaits in Russia-based Rexcellent Games’s frenetic new title. Burning Knight, released for PC on June 5, is a bullethell roguelike crammed with curious items and wicked combos. Egor Dorichev has been noodling on this procedurally generated adventure since he was 15 and describes it succinctly with the following: “Steal everything you can […]

Scary Movie Night

Spoopy Alpha Slinking in Soon for Scary Movie Night

Tired of watching horror-movie protagonists do all the wrong things at all the wrong times? Think you could survive the terrors of the night? Scary Movie Night aims to wrap its spoopy arms around your overeager hide and drag you into permadeath abyss. In development by studio anOVERTHINKER, Scary Movie Night is described with the following: “A randomly […]


Headup Announces Multiplayer Sandbox Tinkertown for This Fall

Flush with an indie-publishing pedigree that’d turn any company green with envy, Headup is a much-beloved and well-respected hybrid studio based in Germany. Both a publisher and a developer, Headup has had its hands in everything from Dead Cells to Terraria. Now Headup has its capable grip firmly around a new project: Tinkertown, a multiplayer sandbox being created […]

The Almost Gone

Releasing June 25, The Almost Gone Is Almost Here

On May 6, Belgium-based Happy Volcano made the world just a little more bearable with their release-date announcement for The Almost Gone. Already a favorite in the Belgian indie scene, The Almost Gone has been collecting awards for its poignant storytelling and stripped aesthetic since 2016. Come June 25, the door opens on the dioramas […]


Voyage Through Folkloric Islands in Selfloss, Coming Next Spring

Spinning a meditative yarn inspired by Slavic and Icelandic folklore, upcoming Selfloss promises a quiet experience of sorrow and discovery. Progress on Selfloss is currently underway with Russia-based developer Alexander Goodwin at the helm. Selfloss is briefly summarized with the following: “Sorrow[ful] adventure of the kind old-man and his magic staff, inspired by the era of […]

Starstruck: Hands of Time

Claymation Rocks a Rhythm in the New Demo for Starstruck: Hands of Time

It’s not often you get to string together more than two genres to describe the same game. For studio Createdelic’s Starstruck: Hands of Time, two genres simply isn’t enough. Defying all the rules of musty game descriptions, Starstruck: Hands of Time smashes everything from time travel to rhythm gameplay into one wildly colorful package with a […]

art of rally

Drift the Day Away in Demo for Top-Down art of rally

Fueled by a minimalist aesthetic and a tangible passion for the rally days of yore, art of rally delivers a stylized rush of adrenaline and nostalgia. In development by studio Funselektor Labs, art of rally opened its roads to the public on March 26 with Funselektor’s announcement of a demo on Twitter. The following was promised as […]


The World Is Your Very Dangerous Oyster in Nira, Now in Early Access

A simple pixel does not mean a safe pixel. The stripped-down aesthetic of Baseline Games’s Nira belies the complexity and danger bubbling below its quirky, procedurally generated surface. One-man studio Baseline Games has been working on Nira since 2017, and on April 24, gamers were granted the chance to get in ahead of the full launch […]


String Together Crafty Codes in KnotBot, Coming May

Coding exercises have never been so cleverly camouflaged…or so wickedly cute. Studio BeetBomb’s KnotBot is a visual and mental treat, challenging players to flex their programming muscles and rewarding them with whimsical art, rad music, and the world’s most adorable happy dance. KnotBot is described with the following: “Program KnotBot on a quest of unique […]

West of Dead

Next Wave of Beta Testing Opens for West of Dead April 30

Purge the undeserving dead in West of Dead, Upstream Arcade’s stylish vision of a Wild West beset by wandering souls. Since its announcement in November of 2019, West of Dead has enjoyed a series of betas open to the public. The next wave of testing crashes in on April 30, and will be available to […]


Death Is Only the Beginning in the Completed Edition of Persephone, Out Now

Draw on death as an ability in Persephone, Momo-pi‘s precocious puzzler now in its final stage of completion. Persephone enjoyed piecemeal releases in 2018 and 2019, but April 14 saw the full version go live for mobile devices. Persephone chucks the common notion that death is a game ender and, instead, embraces death as a game changer. […]

Burn Me Twice

The Stakes Are High in Burn Me Twice, Coming May 25

Avoid getting burned in Spain-based Null Reference Studio’s portfolio title launching next month. Burn Me Twice takes players on an enchanted romp through the medieval town of Düstenburg, a town boiling and bubbling with secrets and stakes. Literal stakes. Burn Me Twice is described succinctly with the following: “A narrative adventure that combines the exploration […]

Welcome to Elk

Demo for Biographical Welcome to Elk Available During LudoNarraCon

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Denmark-based Triple Topping embraces the hilarity and the horror of truth in their upcoming Welcome to Elk, a point-and-click anthology of real stories. From April 24 through 27, experience the demo during the online LudoNarraCon festivities. Welcome to Elk is described with the following: “Welcome to Elk is a biographical […]


BELOW’s New EXPLORE Update Offers Some Much-Appreciated Mercy

Capybara Games’s BELOW is an atmospheric and brutally punishing phenomenon that took players by storm in 2018. BELOW‘s double-edged sword came in the form of randomly generated labyrinths haunted by the looming threat of permadeath. To spare the more tender players, Capybara Games promised an update that would make life a little easier. On April 7, […]

Wander in Wonder

In-Development Wander in Wonder Is a Warmly Dreamy Ramble

Lose yourself in the magic of a marvelous, lovingly animated world in Wander in Wonder, Tokyo-based Komitsu’s upcoming adventure. Originally a graduate exhibition project, Wander in Wonder now looks forward to a path for public release. Komitsu describes the effervescent title thus: “This work is an interactive animation piece on the adventures of a lost little […]


A Sentimental Sliver of France Awaits in Dordogne, Announced for 2021

Dordogne, a region in Southwestern France, is named for the river that cuts a glittering path through its idyllic countryside. Dordogne, a freshly announced narrative adventure, is named for both of the same. In development by studios UN JE NE SAIS QUOI and UMANIMATION, Dordogne captures the sentimental and powerfully beautiful essence of France, friendship, and […]

If Found...

May 19 Launch Date Announced for the Visually Arresting If Found…

In an electrifying announcement from Ireland-based DREAMFEEL on April 2, the upcoming visual novel If Found… received its official release date. Come May 19, If Found… opens a world crumbled–an internal world scarred by family strife, and an external one staring down the swirling darkness of a black hole. The layers are begging to be peeled back, and […]


First Trailer Hatches for Fledgling Metroidvania SHEEPO

On April 2, solo developer Kyle Thompson released the first official trailer for his upcoming SHEEPO. A self-proclaimed “pacifist metroidvania,” SHEEPO‘s unusual creature-collection, platforming-exploration mash-up has more than one pair of ears perked. Featuring music by Eric Thompson and a whimsical accompanying aesthetic, SHEEPO promises something a little to the left of the norm. SHEEPO is […]

She Dreams Elsewhere

Grasp the Knife of Your Nightmares in She Dreams Elsewhere Demo

In a time plagued by bizarre nightmares on a global scale, a title like She Dreams Elsewhere is right at home. She Dreams Elsewhere is a turn-based adventure delving into the chaotic mind of the comatose Thalia Sullivan. Ohio-based Studio Zevere is the developer behind the retro-styled RPG, and they describe it as the following: “A surreal […]

Evan's Remains

Search for Evan’s Remains Come June 11

Argentina-based Matías Schmied is the solo developer behind Evan’s Remains, a charming pixel puzzler inspired by Japanese adventure games. A demo was available for the recent Steam Festival, and a teaser is still playable on for those who missed out. Evan’s Remains is summarized thus: “Years after a boy genius named Evan disappears, a bizarre letter arrives. […]


April 22 Release Date in the Crosshairs for Bullethell ITTA

Glass Revolver’s long-awaited ITTA received its release-date announcement on March 23, shared by the developer himself on Twitter. Solo developer Jacob Williams spoke with us in September of 2018 about ITTA, a challenging pixel shooter that invokes both tentative serenity and certain chaos. ITTA‘s finalized version is described thus: “Test your limits in ITTA, a bullet-hell, boss-rush style adventure. […]


Rain or Neon Shine, Cloudpunk Will Be Delivered by April 23

Packages may come and go, but the stories they hide in their tightly wrapped confines linger forever. Studio ION LANDS announced on March 5 the precise date upon which we can expect to see Cloudpunk delivered: April 23. Itself a metropolis package shielding unsavory secrets, Cloudpunk is a narrative-focused exploration title concerned with the underbelly of a […]

Sea of Stars

Studio Behind The Messenger Announces Prequel Called Sea of Stars

On March 19, Sabotage Studio blessed fans of The Messenger with the best news they could’ve delivered: A prequel is coming. Sea of Stars was announced March 19 by the Canada-based studio, and within six and a half hours their Kickstarter goal was reached. Since then, they’ve more than doubled their goal, and it’s safe […]

Dreamscaper Prologue

Demo for Dreamscaper Opens Eyes April 8

Whether we’re awake or locked in some hellish dreamscape is a pertinent question for the chaotic today. Explore the nightmare of lucid dreaming in-game with Dreamscaper, an upcoming action RPG in development by San Francisco-based Afterburner Studios. Come April 8, dip your toes into Dreamscaper‘s chilling waters with the Dreamscaper: Prologue, a beta demo with roughly five […]

A Monster's Expedition

Go for a Droll Stroll in A Monster’s Expedition, Coming Soon

In a world teeming with real monsters, a droll monster romp is a refreshing twist on the same old song and dance. Alan Hazelden of Draknek studio announced on March 12 that A Monster’s Expedition Through Human Exhibitions is coming “soon” to PC. Previous games by Draknek & Friends include A Good Snowman Is Hard To […]


Hypnotic Upcoming 30Birds Is Cubic Persian Poetry

Inspired by Persian artwork and set in a sky-bound lantern city, 30Birds is a visual and conceptual marvel. Calling itself “kinda FEZ like but not ortho,” 30Birds is a painted adventure that recently enjoyed an Honorable Mention from the A MAZE Berlin Awards. Belgium-based developer ram ram describes 30Birds with the following: “30Birds is a poetic and […]

LunarLux Demo

LunarLux Demo Rockets into Orbit March 14

LunarLux, currently in development by Nobab Moinuddin, is an upcoming pixel adventure set in the great, starry beyond. On February 28, Nobab Moinuddin thrilled followers with the meteor blow of the following announcement: a free demo was to launch on March 14 for PC. LunarLux summarizes itself thus: “It is the Year 30XX; a time where […]

Scrap Snow Story

Snowy New Demo for Scrap Story Unfolds March 9

Update (3/17): ScrapPaperDev has canceled Scrap Snow Story. While snow and paper don’t exactly pair like peanut butter and jam in the real world, oh boy do they in the world of Scrap Story. Scrap Story is a charismatic paper RPG that’s had fans enthralled with its development progress for years. Now ScrapPaperDev is releasing a […]


Crank the Volume in Platformer Ynglet, Announced for 2020

Hit that volume dial. Studios Triple Topping and Nifflas have merged forces to develop Ynglet, an audacious platformer set to toy with aesthetic and gameplay norms for the genre. Ynglet features a reactive soundtrack as abstract and alluring as its geometric doodles, overlaid on a platforming foundation that has…no platforms. The developers describe their creation with […]


Hurry Up and Wait in Morose THE LONGING, Out Now

Germany-based Studio Seufz’s freshly released title is a waiting game. No, really–before you finish, you’ll have to wait 400 days of real-world time. Play or don’t play, it’s up to you. THE LONGING, once activated, carries on heedless of your involvement or lack thereof. Flexing a morosely charming hand-drawn aesthetic, THE LONGING is a strangely […]

Book of Travels

Spring Beta Planned for Wayfaring Book of Travels

Humbly inhabiting the “TMORPG” (tiny multiplayer online roleplaying game) space, in-development Book of Travels looks to spin a small-scale adventure with grandly beautiful graphics. Sweden-based developer Might and Delight announced on February 13 their intended development journey for 2020, which begins with a beta planned for May and June. Book of Travels describes itself thus:  “Venture […]


Soulful New Trailer for Spiritfarer Now Making Waves

On February 24, Thunder Lotus Games broke a bottle over the bow of their first gameplay trailer for upcoming Spiritfarer. The winsome management sim has been hooking fans across the seas, and this latest installment in teasers is the biggest bait yet. Montréal-based Thunder Lotus Games describes Spiritfarer with the following: “Spiritfarer is a cozy […]

A Space For The Unbound

Poignant Prologue Chapter Available for A Space For The Unbound

Crafted with nostalgic pixel art and an eye toward tender storytelling, A Space For The Unbound – Prologue is a warmly promising demo for the upcoming A Space For The Unbound. In development by Indonesia-based Mojiken Studio, A Space For The Unbound is a supernatural tale rooted in the desires and troubles of human hearts. Mojiken […]


Retro WORLD OF HORROR Now Terrorizing Early Access

Do you feel the creeping tendrils of dismay? The slow approach of uncertainty–the oncoming rush of fear? WORLD OF HORROR, by Poland-based developer panstasz, is now available in Early Access, and its frosty touch has been sending goosebumps over the skin of horror fans everywhere. Studio panstasz summarizes its retro RPG thus: “Experience the quiet terror […]

Iris and the Giant

Feb. 27 Release Date Announced for Deckbuilder Iris and the Giant

Strategic deckbuilding meets storybook whimsy in Louis Rigaud’s Iris and the Giant. On February 13, the official release date for this RPG card game was announced by publisher Goblinz Studio on Twitter, and the day is just a heartbeat away. Paris-based Louis Rigaud is a prolific and talented illustrator with a portfolio full of everything […]

In Other Waters

Dive into the Nature of Humanity with In Other Waters, Shipping This Spring

As studio Jump Over the Age, London-based Gareth Damian Martin is the solo mind behind upcoming interface-focused In Other Waters. This enigmatic ocean explorer promises a swirling narrative undercurrent, delving into the complexities of distinguishing the natural from the artificial. In Other Waters describes itself with the following: “You are an Artificial Intelligence guiding a […]

Rose & Locket

New Rose & Locket Teaser Demo Delivers a Vibrant Promise

New Zealand-based studio Whistling Wizard has been leaving a Twitter trail of tantalizing Rose & Locket crumbles for many months now. With each new image and animation, the promise that Rose & Locket dangled steadily grew into a recipe for a gaming feast–we hoped. Now, with the launch of the alpha demo, we can finally […]

The Pedestrian

Shift the Signs of Your Perspective in The Pedestrian, Out Now

Familiar public signs spring to life in Skookum Arts‘s perspective-bending puzzler, The Pedestrian. After six years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Pedestrian enjoyed a full launch on January 29 this year. The concept is deceptively simple: traverse a vibrant city world through public signs. Why you’re locked into these signs and where your […]

Imposter Factory

Third Installment in Kan Gao’s To the Moon Saga Coming End of 2020

Did you know there was a second installment in the To the Moon series? If you didn’t, and if you were one of the countless enamored fans of the first, it might be overwhelming to hear you’re actually two games behind. Kan Gao of Freebird Games didn’t stop with his heart-wrenchingly lovely To the Moon in 2011–he went […]


Conquer a War with Parkour in KUNAI, Launching Feb. 6

You’ve probably played a tablet before…but have you played as a tablet before? How about a ninja tablet? How about a killer ninja tablet? In TurtleBlaze‘s upcoming metroidvania KUNAI, wield a kunai and parkour your way through mech enemies intent on world domination in the body of…you guessed it…a tablet. KUNAI is summarized with the following: “KUNAI […]

The Almost Gone

Stitch Together Sinister Secrets in the Upcoming The Almost Gone

Peel back the layer of soothing visuals to uncover a story founded on darker truths in The Almost Gone, currently being developed by Belgium-based studio Happy Volcano. In this unique adventure, your life is at an end, but you hover now in uncertain limbo–each diorama unlocks another door to your story and your fate. The […]


Feb. 6 Early Access Release Date Announced for the Slash-Happy ScourgeBringer

Unravel the secrets of the past in ScourgeBringer, Flying Oak Games‘s in-development platforming roguelite. France-based Flying Oak Games is the studio behind 2016’s NeuroVoider, a twin-stick shooter that similarly invites you on a rampage through a brutal world crawling with baddies. On January 21, Flying Oak Games announced the Early Access release date for ScourgeBringer on Twitter, […]

Super Crush KO

Catch a Hissy Catnapper in Super Crush KO, Out Now

Chubbz the chonky cat has been catnapped! Toronto-based Vertex Pop, developer of Graceful Explosion Machine, is at it again with their latest adventure Super Crush KO. Super Crush KO‘s neon-pastel palette and frenetic gameplay will feel familiar to players of Graceful Explosion Machine, but with one vital addition: Chubbz, the Cutest Cat in the Universe. Super Crush […]

Bonfire Peaks

Newly Announced Bonfire Peaks Ignites Screens May 5

Kindle your imagination with the visual marvel that is the freshly announced Bonfire Peaks. Montreal-based Corey Martin, developer of Pipe Push Paradise and Hiding Spot, let loose the announcement trailer for Bonfire Peaks on January 16 through a Twitter post. Puzzler Bonfire Peaks is described with the following minimalist summary: “A difficult open world puzzle game about […]

Frostpunk: The Last Autumn

Defend Your Salvation in Frostpunk: The Last Autumn, Coming Jan. 21

If the real-world chill of winter hasn’t satiated your appetite for the frozen and for the grim, Frostpunk and its trio of DLC expansions undoubtedly will. Frostpunk is 11 bit studios‘s morose masterpiece, originally released in April 2018. A set of three paid expansions were promised on top of Frostpunk‘s free Winterhome DLC, available either with a […]

Cerulean Moon

Touchscreen-Only Cerulean Moon Looks Forward to 2020 Release

Jump, scamper, and fall without ever smashing a button in the upcoming Cerulean Moon, a platformer currently in development by Madrid-based Nachobeard. Shunning the leap propelled traditionally by X or A, Cerulean Moon is a “jumpless” platformer, a title that looks to exploit and master the opportunities provided by the touchscreen in everyone’s pocket. Nachobeard describes […]

LUNA The Shadow Dust

Feb. 13 Release Date Announced for the Luminescent LUNA The Shadow Dust

Loosed from dialogue’s roots, LUNA The Shadow Dust blossoms instead of wilts, reveling in a world of hand-animated scenes and warm musical arrangements. This surreal point-and-click adventure is Lantern Studio‘s first production. The team of four was founded in 2015, and at long last the time for their creation to shine has arrived. LUNA The Shadow […]


Gotta Catch T’em All in MMO Temtem, Coming to Early Access Jan. 21

Madrid-based Crema‘s Temtem dares to tread where other creature-collecting games fear to step foot: into the murky waters of massively multiplayer gameplay. Armed with the tantalizing promise of online play, Temtem drew an impressive following with its 2018 Kickstarter campaign, easily surpassing the initial goal by more than a cool half a million dollars. Now, […]


Chart Your Course Home in Hand-Drawn Carto, Currently in Development

Wander into the woods with Carto, Taiwan-based Sunhead Games‘s in-development puzzler. Sunhead Games announced the launch of the Carto Steam page on December 12, pointing towards positive progress and a hopeful release for 2020. Winsome, hand-drawn Carto describes itself with the following: “Carto is a chill adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-shifting puzzle mechanic. Use […]

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Wandersong’s Greg Lobanov’s New Charmer Is Chicory: A Colorful Tale

After a wildly successful Kickstarter between August and September of this year, Greg Lobanov‘s latest creation, initially dubbed Drawdog, was ready for center stage. Chicory: A Colorful Tale was a playable demo for The Game Awards’s pilot program The Game Festival this December, revealing to the gaming community a world full of wonder, warmth, and feels–exactly […]

Cat Lady

Cat Lady Gets Chilly Cheery Early Access Update for December

On December 19, Portland-based Rose City Games‘s Cat Lady enjoyed a free wintry update to its Early Access download on Steam. Dubbed the Chilly Cheery Update, this fresh blizzard of content includes a new area called Grandma’s Freezer, a new boss, new enemies, new power-ups, and a few other miscellaneous changes to things like shop prices. […]

Extinction Protocol

Barricade Your Base in Extinction Protocol, Planned for Spring 2020

Currently in development by Prague-based studio Drawblack, Extinction Protocol is a stylish sidescrolling foray into the base-building strategy genre. In a post-apocalyptic land riddled with mystery and ancient technologies, wage war on an endless tide of faceless foes. Extinction Protocol describes itself with the following: “Extinction Protocol is a minimalist take on the strategy genre where […]

Among Trees

Upcoming Among Trees Is an Ethereal Sandbox Survival Sim

Swallowed by Sweden’s rich woodlands–surrounded by that which creeps knowingly into their game–is a three-person studio named FJRD Interactive. For almost two years, FJRD Interactive has been quietly at work, bringing the beauty of Sweden’s lush forests into a digital form. Among Trees is the breathtaking work they’ve wrought, and it’s summarized simply with the […]


Duru, Launching Aug. 2020, Delves Artfully into Depression

Developed by Berlin-based Twisted Ramble Games, Duru is a puzzle platformer that probes the psyche with a gently artful touch. Twisted Ramble Games’s mission statement includes telling “stories about stigmatized topics to strengthen mental health awareness,” making it no surprise that the seemingly unassuming Duru might dare to drag the shadow of depression into the light. Duru […]

Minute of Islands

Tinker with the Arcane in Minute of Islands, Coming 2020

Berlin-based Studio Fizbin announced their new project, the fantastical Minute of Islands, on August 8 of this year. Known for having created The Inner World, the beloved 2013 point-and-click adventure, Minute of Islands represents the studio’s latest foray into the world of handcrafted, comic-styled tales. Minute of Islands describes itself thus: “Explore a strange and wonderful archipelago in […]

Sons of the Forest

Sequel to the Terrifyingly Good The Forest Announced

If you, too, have spent countless hours being scared deliciously half to death by the unparalleled survival-horror indie The Forest, brace yourself. Those long hours in the evening of jump scares and desperately calculating fort construction are far from being over. Vancouver-based Endnight Games, developer of The Forest, revealed their trailer for the sequel at […]

The Game Festival Demos

From Chicory to Eastward, Play First-Look Demos for Two Days Only

Thanks to a new pilot program called “The Game Festival” from The Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley, 13 demos for unreleased games are available to play from 10 a.m. PT December 12 through 10 a.m. PT December 14 on Steam. That’s barely enough time to wet any gamer’s whistle, but when the line-up includes upcoming […]

Arise: A Simple Story

On Dec. 3, Arise: A Simple Story Descends

Barcelona-based Piccolo Studio releases their radiant and reflective Arise: A Simple Story on December 3. By day an interactive-experience agency, Piccolo Studio seeks to transform themselves with this first foray into the often-terrifying and always-marvelous world of indie games. Arise: A Simple Story summarizes itself thus: “Set out on an adventure through the changing landscapes of […]


Katamari Damacy Creator’s Whimsical Wattam Arrives Dec. 17

Keita Takahashi, of Katamari Damacy fame, is launching his latest title at last on December 17. Wattam has been in development with studio Funomena since 2015, and has long tantalized Katamari Damacy fans with its promise of a whimsical aesthetic paired with familiarly zany gameplay. Wattam describes itself with the following: “Immerse yourself in the creative mind of Keita […]

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Embrace Your Inner Insect in the Freshly Released Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Getting antsy for something warmly charming this fall? Looking to worm your way into a grand adventure? Hoping to– Okay, we’ll stop. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an arthropodic romp featuring a quirky trio of insect characters. Developed by Moonsprout Games, Bug Fables follows these intrepid creepy-crawlies as they hunt for the Everlasting Sampling, a relic […]


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