Before Your Eyes

Watch Another Person’s Life Flash Before Your Eyes

“Blink, and you’ll miss it.” Today, it’s an idiom companies flaunt when sales of meaningless goods are paraded before our eyes. But while this capitalist parade may be one of the flashiest, a multitude of smaller, infinitely more precious processions are constantly happening around us. Before Your Eyes is GoodbyeWorld […]


APICO’s Brand-New Demo Makes a Beeline for May 20

If you think you hear something rumbling in the distance and believe there’s a sweet smell in the air…you’re right. That’s the growing buzz around a little project called APICO, TNgineers‘s beekeeping simulator. A demo was released for APICO last August, and since then a sticky hive of fans has […]

Mighty Goose

The Honk Is As Bad As the Bite in Mighty Goose, Coming June 5

On May 15, Netherlands-based Blastmode honked out the news: Mighty Goose is ready to break formation, aiming to land early next month. Mighty Goose is an arcade shooter with one wing raised in salute to the classics of yore. Blastmode and development partner MP2 Games describe it with the following: “Mighty Goose is […]

Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude Release Date

Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude Turns New Page with July 17 Release Date

On May 14, an important page was turned in the paperverse. Fresh before us is an open book–the cover of which has been teased since 2019 at least. ScrapPaperDev announced via Twitter a new trailer and the finalized release date for Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude, the free prequel for a project […]

Born of Bread

Taste Test Born of Bread with Oven-Fresh Demo

On April 30, Canada-based WildArts Studio popped open the oven and delivered a warm, aromatic treat–free of charge. Born of Bread, a fresh entry in the unfolding “paperverse,” is now serving its very own demo. Last July the project earned its official (and current) title, and today WildArts Studio is […]

Let's Build a Zoo

Let’s Build a Zoo Reveal Sheds Crocodile Tears

The ethics of zookeeping tend to be…murky. Where do zoos get their livestock? How do they really sustain themselves? What goes on in the dead of night when the guests are at home, counting exotic, free-range sheep? Let’s Build a Zoo, revealed on April 27 by publisher No More Robots, pokes […]


Come May 7, Be Glued in Place by Papetura

Poland-based Petums wasn’t content with telling a story on paper–rather, in Papetura, the story is told with paper. The studio has taken pains to cut and glue everything by hand, with life then animated into the papery characters and scenes. Accompanied by award-winning composer Floex, studio Petums intends to let something […]

Bonfire Peaks

Bonfire Peaks Sends Smoke Signal for Summer Release

Corey Martin‘s hot voxel project is at last showing more than just sparks of life. Under the tinder of a free demo launched in October is a slowly growing fire, and the signs of that flame were formally announced on April 27. Publisher Draknek broke the news on their Twitter, […]

Anew: The Distant Light

Anew: The Distant Light Draws Near with New Gameplay Trailer

The glow of studio Resonator’s approaching star has been growing steadily since 2018 at least. With the launch of a new gameplay trailer, Anew: The Distant Light now sets its flight path to intersect with 2021. On April 27, Resonator revealed their plans with a press release and a tweet, […]

Project Sidereal

Jump Over the Age Reveals In-Development Project Sidereal

In April of 2020, studio Jump Over the Age dared the world to dip its toes In Other Waters. Fittingly, a year later, Jump Over the Age’s Gareth Damian Martin announced a new challenge: a flight into the cold surreality of space. On April 23, Project Sidereal (working title) was revealed, […]

Spiritfarer Lily Update

Thunder Lotus Games Ships Lily Update for Spiritfarer

The first in a series of three free updates for 2020’s Spiritfarer made a perfumed splash on April 20, bringing to the crew a new character, bonus features, and quality-of-life changes. Stella’s backstory in vanilla Spiritfarer was open to interpretation, but that ambiguity had many fans scratching their heads and demanding […]


Celeste Developer Extremely OK Games Announces Earthblade

It’s been three years since the launch of Maddy Thorson‘s Celeste, a platforming masterpiece that scales emotional heights as easily as snowcapped ones. The Celeste team, rather dishonestly bearing the name Extremely OK Games, has at last broken the dreadful development silence. On April 19, Thorson posted an announcement for […]

Say No! More

Tell People to Heck Off in Studio Fizbin’s Say No! More

You’re new; you’re naive; you’re nervous. When it’s a good job you’re after, all you desperately want to do is say “yes.” No matter how menial the task or mental the conversation, you’re obligated to just nod along…right? Studio Fizbin, the same Berlin-based developer behind upcoming Minute of Islands, is […]

Of Love and Eternity

Of Love and Eternity Announced with Alpha Demo

On April 7, Brazil-based developer Winston Powell revealed Of Love and Eternity, a grim solo project on love and damnation. A trailer and a demo were simultaneously revealed, allowing players to mire themselves early in a story sticky with death. Powell, also known as Acorn Bringer, says this of Of […]

Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut Baits the Hook with Fresh New Trailer

In 2017, a trailer slipped smoothly into crowded indie waters…then made a tremendous splash. Harold Halibut, a truly “handmade” project, had fans eagerly schooling around its line, hungry for teasers and news of a release. Years have passed, with studio Slow Bros. playing its line out ever so slowly and […]

Narita Boy

Narita Boy’s Alternate 80s Sings a Synth Siren’s Song

The future came home on March 30, the day that Narita Boy launched for just about every system available. Spain-based Studio Koba set out with a simple mission–“to create unique and bizarre experiences for the player.” They’ve been a studio since 2016, and Narita Boy, their breakout project, is a blisteringly exact […]

The Wild at Heart

Feel the Pulse of The Wild at Heart on May 20

Behind the wooded drapery of the mundane thrives a swirling world of magic and mystery. Moonlight Kids have been tugging the curtains away from their project The Wild at Heart since 2019, letting the tendrils of its enchantment become stronger and stronger in the indie air. The studio consists of just […]

Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor

Brand-New Trailer Shows Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor Is Alive and Kicking

IT’S ALIVE. And kicking. And with a few punches thrown in for good measure. In 2019, studio 2D OS (then named Studio 2dOs) was in progress on a butt-kicking good time called Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor. Since then, however, the meditative silence around the project has swelled to bursting–until March […]

Genesis Noir

On March 26, Go Out with a Bang in Genesis Noir

Genesis Noir saunters across its dimly lit stage with a jazzy flourish and a coy smile. It’s the lovechild of Brooklyn-based Feral Cat Den and some mysterious, cosmic muse–a fusion of music, poetry, and puzzle. Its first prototype was developed in 2014, and over the years it’s collected constellations of […]

Shelter 3

Shelter 3 Heads for Elephantine Launch on March 30

Long before Book of Travels teasers came Sweden-based Might and Delight‘s Shelter series. In 2013, Shelter twisted hearts with its badger family; in 2015, Shelter 2  wrung hands with its lynxes. Now, for 2021, Might and Delight is releasing Shelter 3, this time promising many miles in the massive shoes of […]

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove Ghosts Consoles by Going Mobile First

For those who prefer gaming on the go, March 19 marks another promising day for the mobile market–that being the launch day for Cozy Grove, Seattle-based Spry Fox‘s latest project. Having already forged titles like Alphabear and Triple Town in the mobile fires, it’s no surprise that Spry Fox has Cozy Grove landing […]

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Final Trailer for Chicory: A Colorful Tale Is Picture Perfect

In 2018, Greg Lobanov won over ears and hearts with Wandersong, the winsome musical adventure. A collective breath was held while Lobanov went quiet for a time–then Drawdog was announced, and it became clear another whimsical and touching experience was in store. Now titled Chicory: A Colorful Tale, the project […]

Toodee and Topdee

Find Your Vantage Point in the Toodee and Topdee Demo

Available now is studio dietzribi‘s demo for Toodee and Topdee, a sort-of platformer, sort-of puzzler that’s spicing up the occasionally stagnant world of couch co-op. dietzribi is composed of two brothers from Israel, and they’ve been noodling on Toodee and Topdee since a game jam challenged them to “combine two incompatible genres.” The […]


A Sizeable Launch Is Slated for March 19

In Sizeable, miniature playgrounds of soothing warmth, depth, and imagination await your tinkering. Belgium-based solo developer Sander Ambroos has treated the public to a free demo of Sizeable since 2020, but a full launch is now at hand. The hidden-object title is ready to leave the nest and take players on […]


Pencil Mundaun in for March 16

In the depths of a sinister alpine valley, the boundaries of reality flex and fluctuate. Switzerland-based Hidden Fields‘s Mundaun, an homage to wintry mountains and devilish myths, launches on March 16. Hidden Fields promises a terrifying journey for intrepid players, describing their project with the following: “Mundaun is a lovingly […]

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers

If On A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers Share Their Terrors…

Four sinister stories brood beneath the surface of Dead Idle Games‘s recent release, If On A Winter’s Night, Four Travelers. Berlin-based developers Laura Hunt and Thomas Möhring launched their point-and-click tale of terror on March 10 for free, unleashing what is horrible and what is hidden upon all willing PC gamers. […]

Kynseed Apothecary

Get a Taste of Your Own Medicine with Kynseed’s Apothecary Update

Launched for Early Access in 2018 by PixelCount Studios, Kynseed is a labor of love that’s been taking root and flowering for years. Most recently, Kynseed enjoyed a new update that allows players to open and run their own apothecaries. PixelCount Studios had this to say on February 23 when the […]


Everhood Forces You to Face the Music

The power of a game that successfully fuses music with mechanics is not to be ignored. Everhood, first out on March 4, was developed by Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca. Wrapped in a psychedelic style and loaded with some serious jams, Everhood quickly crooned itself a player base that can’t […]


Get Your Clock Cleaned in Revita’s Early Access

The image of struggling through the heights of a procedurally generated clock tower is a terrific metaphor for the times we live in. It’s also a terrific concept for a punishing platformer. Revita is Germany-based BenStar‘s Early Access project–a roguelite centered on scaling a spire loaded with bosses, items, and […]

Mineko's Night Market

Cancel the Catnap: Mineko’s Night Market Is Coming

You probably remember this winsome, cat-packed adventure from the summer trailer dropped in 2018. That trailer promised a release in 2019 for a game that has had a Twitter account since 2015. Now, three years after the most recent trailer, Mineko’s Night Market is reclaiming the spotlight that’s been eagerly […]


Take a Hard Look at Your SELF

Programmed by Logam Fornan (dev_dwarf); designed by Matthew Hobbs (mmatt_ugh); scored by Connor Grail. SELF is a brutalist platforming experience that screams, “ARCADE GAMES ARE ALIVE AND WELL, DOGGONE IT!” And the scream has been heard loud and clear, drawing so many fans in so little time that SELF is currently […]

Kitten Letter

In Kitty Letter, May the Best Vocatulary Win

The only thing better than owning your friends with fancy wordplay is owning your friends with fancy wordplay and cute cats. Matthew Inman, Seattle-based creator of The Oatmeal, released Kitty Letter on February 10 under the developer name Exploding Kittens, Inc. Kitty Letter is summarized with the following: “Kitty Letter is a […]

pear potion

Take a Bite Out of Juicy pear potion

Plucked from the development tree right at its juiciest, pear potion launched in full on February 26. Created by vemu games, pear potion is a 2D bullethell blitz featuring a witchy protagonist and her shoot-’em-up stick. vemu games currently consists of fruit friend and Chris Vel, and they describe their project […]


Share Your Story in Voyage, Releasing Feb. 19

In a world stifled by the necessity of sheltering alone, Voyage is a reminder of the spirit and the sacredness of journeys made together. Announced initially in 2019 by Sweden-based Venturous, Voyage received its formalized release date on February 2 of this year. As visually riveting then as it is now, Voyage only […]

Aztec Ride

Aztec Ride Coasts for Free onto PC

A terrifying concept made startlingly hilarious, Aztec Ride sees players tossing passengers into the air and scrambling to catch them again before they tumble to their doom. Originally designed for Ludum Dare 47 in 2020, then released for mobile, Aztec Ride has completed its loop by now being available on PC as […]


Meet the New Millennium in 30XX, Coming to Early Access on Feb. 17

On February 17, take a leap into the next millennium and tumble into a world populated by a placid humanity. 30XX is Seattle-based Batterystaple Games‘s upcoming project that fuses the lightness of being found in roguelites with the more permanent structure of custom level building. 30XX is described with the […]

Koi Farm

Carp Less, Fish More in Koi Farm on Feb. 26

Having a lushly populated and perfectly landscaped koi pond is a dream many of us have…which many of us will certainly never achieve. Gratitude, then, is due to developers Job Talle and 3xBlast for bringing the elusive imaginings a little closer to home. Koi Farm is a pond simulator that allows […]

OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast

Reveal Trailer Out Now for OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast

OddFauna–the brand of fantastical beasts crafted by Seattle-based Emma SanCartier–is finally poised to wrap up the indie world in its warm, whimsical tendrils. Long teased on the Twitter account of Cliff Mitchell (SanCartier’s husband and development partner), the OddFauna title was nothing more than a tantalizing mystery…until now. On February 9, […]

Bravery Network Online

Bravery Network Online Boots Up in Early Access Feb. 16

On February 1, Toronto-based GLOAM had a little something to say: Bravery Network Online is hitting Early Access–and it’s hitting Early Access in just a couple of weeks. Bravery Network Online is a turn-based RPG with an emphasis on PVP. The studio’s last call for public playtesters came in late January, and […]


Dorfromantik Draws Early Access Tile for March 25

Dorfromantik‘s path to early access was confirmed by Toukana on February 2, when the Berlin-based studio of four announced a release date and a new demo simultaneously. The pacifist world builder has been accumulating a warm blanket of welcome from the community through its free demo, and this move to […]

Minute of Islands

March 18 Release Date Sighted for Minute of Islands

On February 3, Germany-based Studio Fizbin revealed that Minute of Islands was destined for a March launch. The title has been in development for over three years, and it’s been collecting awards and appearances at various shows since the beginning. Now the release is on the horizon, and Minute of […]


On Feb. 4, Flee a Familiar Pixel Prison in qomp

Pong is billed as the first commercially successful video game…ever. It’s the bedrock upon which the industry was seeded, and to this day it remains a symbol of nostalgia, even for those who cut their gaming teeth on later titles. But whatever happened to the poor sap forever bound between […]


Disobey Daddy in Dogworld, Announced for March 18

Dogworld has had ears perked since its announcement last August–now, with developer Lateralis‘s latest drop, the finish line is in sight. On February 2, Lateralis released the launch date and a new trailer for Dogworld, revealing that the good boys were being let loose in March. The Idaho-based studio had this […]

Blue Fire

On Feb. 4, Will the Flames to Jump in Blue Fire

Argentina-based Robi Studios breathes life into their little Blue Fire this February, inviting players into a dangerous world eager to put out any overconfident spit of a flame. Penumbra may have fallen, but you–you’re still alive, and your path is sprawling before you. Blue Fire is described thus: “Embark on […]


Go NUTS with Squirrelly Surveillance

On January 22, the nature cams were officially activated. Developers Joon, Pol, Muutsch, Char, and Torfi launched NUTS for mobile, offering a game of voyeurism that has us peeking into the lives of some rather sus squirrels. Melmoth Forest and its secrets beckon to us, daring us to scrutinize those […]

Bravery Network Online

Playtesters Get One More Turn with Bravery Network Online

The challenge has been issued, turn-based tacticians. If you’ve been eagerly following Toronto-based GLOAM‘s upcoming project, it’s your time to shine. GLOAM announced on January 21 that they’re hosting one final round of free playtesting with the public for Bravery Network Online. The form for signing up has this to […]

Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude

Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude Unfolds This Spring

Bookmark your calendar and buckle up, paper fans: Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude is now slated to launch this spring. The Paper Prelude is a demo for the long-awaited Scrap Story, a winsome tale about Paper Girl and her myriad adventures. ScrapPaperDev dropped the announcement with a reveal trailer on January 16, stating […]

Grapple Dog

Joseph Gribbin Unleashes New Trailer for Grapple Dog

Does Grapple Dog set dangerously high expectations for real-world good boys? Maybe. Will the good boys forgive London-based Joseph Gribbin for setting these expectations? If a cookie is provided…then almost definitely. Gribbin released a new trailer for upcoming Grapple Dog on January 14, teasing more of Pablo’s high-flying 2D escapades. Grapple […]

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Fresh Blood Wanted for Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator’s Beta

Add yourself to the mix in niceplay games’s closed beta, now accepting applicants eager to brew up a storm. The recipe is for Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, a cooking sim for the alchemically curious. A pile of townsfolk need your help, and it’s up to you to give them the […]

Tadpole Tales

Clean Up in Tadpole Tales, Launching for Free on Jan. 15

Never underestimate a tadpole’s desire to fight pollution. In Tadpole Tales, developers Andrei Cretu, Giacomo Autili, and Tomer Barnea take players on a waterlogged, boss-packed journey to restore a river and save endangered friends. The year-long project for the team is their first “proper” game, and they’re releasing it for […]

Dungeon and Puzzles

On Jan. 14, Solve Puzzles in a Dungeon in Dungeon and Puzzles

Simply titled but carefully crafted, Dungeon and Puzzles is exactly what it sounds like. You’re faced with puzzles…in a dungeon. Studio HuMoFish is launching their pixel project on January 14, treating intrepid adventurers to 150 levels on a non-linear map. Dungeon and Puzzles is officially summarized thus: “Dungeon and Puzzles is […]

Pocket Watch

Set Yourself to Island Time with Pocket Watch

Sokpop Collective is a Patreon-funded, Netherlands-based studio of four that’s been committed to making two games a month since 2017. Does that seem like a lot of games per month? You are right. That is a lot of games per month. For the end of December, Sokpop launched Pocket Watch, […]

Tiny Lands

Discover the Tiny Lands Difference on Jan. 22

The weather is cold, the year is new, and the mind is ready for a warm dip in relaxing, meditative waters. Fear not, tired minds–the relaxing waters are coming. On January 4, Spain-based Hyper Three Studio announced the release date for their low-poly project Tiny Lands. Tiny Lands is summarized with the […]


First Official Trailer Builds Momentum for Co-op Desohunter

Thailand-based Ninmang Studio may consist of just one person, but their upcoming project acknowledges that–sometimes–it’s dangerous to go alone. Ninmang Studio’s Desohunter is a co-op adventure, now with a shiny new trailer to its name. Hopeful rumors have been replaced with promising facts, and Desohunter is freshly, officially described with […]

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Get Out of Your Own Head in Skul: The Hero Slayer, Coming Jan. 21

Studio SouthPAW Games, based in South Korea, released their skeleton title in Early Access during February of 2020–and the community has spoken. The community hath said, “Lo, we see that this is good.” And for those who haven’t yet enjoyed the particular pleasure of wreaking havoc on humans as a […]

Sons of the Forest

Endnight Games Begets New Gameplay Trailer for Sons of the Forest

First teased in 2019, then followed by radio silence scarier than P.T.‘s stereo static, Sons of the Forest has had fans screaming for news for what feels like years. Well, fans–buckle up. On December 23, Endnight Games (apropos of nothing?!) dropped a new gameplay trailer via Twitter. Their message stated the […]


Ord. Gets Three New Words on Dec. 31: Story, Localization, Workshop

Released in 2019. By Mujo Games. And Stuffed Wombat. Text-based adventure. Uses three words. New update coming. Whew, okay. It’s not easy to craft a compelling narrative with just three-word segments, but that’s exactly what Ord. does. As a minimalist “choose your own adventure,” Ord. takes just enough of the burden […]

Bittersweet Birthday

Early Demo Out for Newly Named Bittersweet Birthday

The best kind of naming announcements are paired with a delectable slice of something you can actually sink your teeth into. World Eater Games gets it. On December 23, the Panama-based studio announced the name for their in-development project, plus a free demo for those who can’t wait for their […]

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Strap on Your Santa Sneakers for Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Ireland-based Whitepot Studios has left out a delectable cookie plate in the form of  Ho-Ho-Home Invasion, the Santa stealth game. That’s right. You don’t think the jolly fellow got where he was by stomping around like an elephant, do you? Don’t be fooled by the rotund exterior. Santa’s got more […]


Upcoming Venba Serves a Hearty Indian Course

Hungry? No? Brace yourself. Featured in the recent Wholesome Games’s “Holiday Snack,” Venba is here to get your stomach–and your heart–begging for more. Toronto-based Visai Games adds spice to one family’s story by telling it through their cooking. Venba is summarized thus: “Venba is a narrative cooking game, where you play as […]

Shady Part of Me

Shady Part of Me Sheds a Thoughtful Light on You

On December 10, a shadow descended. Did you notice a darkening? Shady Part of Me, Paris-based Douze Dixièmes‘s debut title, cast its glow over most major systems just a short time ago. Featuring a well-known voice for narration and a striking visual style, Shady Part of Me crept through the winter […]


The Game Awards Was the Reason for the Season

The Game Awards for 2020 alternated between flying and creeping by on December 10. But if you hung on just long enough, you would’ve found that time altogether froze at a certain moment–froze as Montreal-based Scavengers Studio‘s name hit the screen. Scavengers Studio chose The Game Awards to reveal their […]

Here Comes Niko

Take a Load Off in the Newly Announced Here Comes Niko!

Netherlands-based studio Frog Vibes croaked out the Here Comes Niko! announcement on December 14. In a tweet that already has the amphibian-loving community in an enthusiastic uproar, Frog Vibes launched the first trailer and declared their partnership on the game with Gears for Breakfast, the studio behind A Hat in Time. Developers Stijn […]


Early Access Unlocked for DOOR:Inner Child

DOOR:Inner Child boldly ventures into a subject we all find hazy in the real world: the soul. PLAY Mephistowaltz, based in South Korea, launched their project in Early Access on November 26, allowing players to peek through the doorframe at what’s to come. DOOR:Inner Child is summarized thus: “Go on […]

Baba Is You Level Editor

Public Beta for Baba Is You’s Level Editor Is Announce

For those of you still reeling from the pint-sized delight that was 2019’s Baba Is You, developer Hempuli Oy has a holiday treat in store. On December 12, Hempuli Oy announced that a publicly available beta for the new Baba Is You level editor will be open soon. The news broke […]


Tukoni Is Oksana Bula’s Beguiling Free Adventure

Oksana Bula, award-winning author and artist from Ukraine, brought her captivating world to a new medium on November 19. Just a short month ago, Tukoni launched for free on PC–a short and sweet gaming rendition of Bula’s storybook adventures. The project was developed by Bula herself, along with Alexey Furman […]

Ooblets Winter Update

Ooblets Breaks the Ice with Sparkling Winter Update

If you haven’t dipped your toes in the Ooblets water yet, well…you missed your chance for a warm soak, but maybe a trot through the snow is what you were in the mood for anyway. Studio Glumberland announced on December 7 their intention to release the Ooblets Winter Update, the latest batch […]

Button City

New Demo for Button City Is Sewed On Tight

On November 26, Button City developer Subliminal announced a new demo–a demo that’s now permanently available. While previously open for a limited duration, this demo is stated to be here to stay, showing off the bubbling charm of Button City in preparation for a launch that’s coming “soon.” Subliminal describes their adventure […]

The Drifting Woods

The Drifting Woods Conjures Up First Sneak Peek

Vancouver-based studio Ninja Robot Dinosaur, developer of Bunker Punks, released on December 5 a sneak peek at upcoming The Drifting Woods. This first look promises a bewitching world that may or may not have run afoul of reality. Ninja Robot Dinosaur describes their project thus: “Join Amelia Dehr, apprentice witch extraordinaire, as […]


New Demo and Trailer Drop into Place for Dorfromantik

One tile at a time, Toukana Interactive‘s Dorfromantik proves that a perfect world is possible. The Berlin-based studio of four released a new trailer on December 2 for their citybuilder, and December 3 was greeted by a new demo. Dorfromantik promises an idyllic escape, one that refreshes itself with procedural […]

Monster Sanctuary

On Dec. 8, Monster Sanctuary Gets Released into the 1.0 Wild

Germany-based developer Moi Rai Games announced in October the 1.0 release date for their upcoming monstervania. Monster Sanctuary has been exhibited for PC since August of 2019, baring its fangs and flapping its wings for over a year in an Early Access build. Now ready to take the full flight […]


Peel Back Garlic’s 1-Bit Cloves Come Dec. 30

Garlic, the 1-bit platformer by France-based Sylph, employs a terrifically honest plot. Is the world about to end? Mankind about to expire? The universe slated to implode? Nah. The main character has the hots for the Cyber Goddess, and his goal is to climb the tower in order to meet […]

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Rides into the Sunset Dec. 3

Shut out the winter frost with a swirl of western dust in El Hijo – A Wild West Tale. Berlin-based Honig Studios launched their release-date trailer on November 20, revealing that their spaghetti western was slated to ride into the sunset on December 3. The studio summarizes their project thus: “El […]


Pierce the Heavens in HOUSE OF GOD, Releasing Dec. 2

Glass Revolver, known for developing bullet-hell hit ITTA, takes aim at the sky with upcoming roguelite HOUSE OF GOD. While ITTA‘s tale was locked and linear, HOUSE OF GOD challenges the player with random generation. Glass Revolver describes their latest project thus: “As The House of God races towards heaven, Jack […]

Tomb Toad

Try Not to Croak in Tomb Toad, Out Now

Developed by Mission Control Games in partnership with Crescent Moon Games and Lewmoth Music, Tomb Toad is a mobile exclusive that’ll have your head spinning. Tomb Toad was released on November 18 and features a chip-tune soundtrack, retro visuals, and gravity-focused gameplay. The dungeon puzzler is described thus: “Delve into […]

What Comes After

What Comes After Is a Message About What’s Here Now

Studio fahmitsu, creator of Coffee Talk, released a short dialogue on death in partnership with Rolling Glory Jam on November 5. One of the first games to feature the newly omnipresent mask, What Comes After isn’t just using it as a prop–this adventure is about a brush with the crowded train […]

Penko Park

Snap Spooky Shots in Spoopy Penko Park

The essence of spoopy (“spooky cute” for the uninitiated and annoyed) has been perfectly bottled by Berlin-based studio Ghostbutter in their Penko Park, released on October 23. Outfitted to make players simultaneously say, “Aw!” and “…Wha?!” Penko Park wields an aesthetic as creepy as it is cute. Ghostbutter summarizes their […]

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Dec. 11 Release Date Announced for Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

On November 11, London-based ustwo games announced a special present for December–a release date for Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Details for console launches will come later (according to ustwo games), but for now, one thing is certain: for PC and mobile players, December has something wonderful in store. Alba: A […]

Scrappy Halloween

Sink Your Teeth into the Scrap Story Halloween Demo

On October 31, ScrapPaperDev put a serious bucket of treats outside their door…a bucket in the shape of a fall-themed demo for the upcoming Scrap Story. Scrappy Halloween is a bite-sized experience that sends players on the most crucial of hunts–the hunt for Halloween candy. The wrapping on the demo says: […]

Cozy Grove

First Trailer for Spry Fox’s Cozy Grove Raises Spirits

Seattle-based Spry Fox is best known for mobile-focused hits like Triple Town and Alphabear, but their latest announcement heralds a fresh foray onto bigger screens. On October 29, Cozy Grove‘s first trailer and release window were dropped simultaneously, showing off a singularly spoopy island haunted by the specter of opportunity and…well, […]

Ghost Town's Pumpkin Festival

A Short Hike’s adamgryu Releases the Pumpkin Fun We All Needed

You might have already carved your pumpkin for Halloween this year, but that just means you’re primed for your true masterpiece–one you can now realize in adamgryu’s freshly released Ghost Town’s 999th Annual Pumpkin Festival. Studio adamgryu (led by solo developer Adam Robinson-Yu) is known for the stellar hit A Short […]


In Promesa, Walk the Blurry Boundary Between Memory and Dream

Memory is fickle. Recalling anything perfectly is a skill wielded only by very few, and a mishmash of rememberings, misrememberings, and sheer dreams is what the rest of us must contend with. Promesa, developed by Milan-based Julián Palacios Gechtman, explores the gray area that exists where dream and memory collide, […]

Ring of Pain

Watch for the Tricks and Grab for the Treats in Ring of Pain

Steel yourself for the dangerous hand that Ring of Pain has dealt for you. Ring of Pain‘s ghoulish creatures and chilling atmosphere bring the spooky October air gleefully inside your walls, serving up a “card crawler” experience that tests wits and nerves alike. Australia-based developers Simon Box and Twice Different […]

Tenderfoot Tactics

Tiptoe Strategically in Tenderfoot Tactics, Out Now

Developed by Badru, Michael Bell, Isa Hutchinson, Taylor Thomas, Zoe Vartanian, and Madison Pathe, Tenderfoot Tactics is a testament to the ingenuity of conveying maximums using minimums. This low-poly RPG stretches minimalism to fantastic lengths, offering a richly empty world to discover and shape. Tenderfoot Tactics describes itself with the following: […]


Order a Side of MEat as a Halloween Treat

When it comes to working in food service, you’d best be ready for anything. Arrogant, wine-swilling Karens? Check. Literal dumpster fires? Check. Ravenous monster patrons?! Check, please! anOVERTHINKER, developer behind the upcoming Scary Movie Night, announced on October 9 the release of micro project MEat. MEat is described with the following: “Work […]

Undungeon Arena

On Oct. 29, Throw Down the Gauntlet in Undungeon Arena

On October 8, Ukraine-based Laughing Machines announced an upcoming teaser for their in-development Undungeon. At the end of the month, Undungeon Arena is slated to open its pixelated gates, welcoming in a fan base that’s already frothing at the mouth for Undungeon fun. The demo is described thus: “Become a space […]

Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack Carves Out Oct. 23 Release Date

It seems a given that a project like Pumpkin Jack would come out around a certain spooky holiday, but the release date has been kept a terrifying secret–until now. Developer Nicolas Meyssonnier announced on October 6 that Pumpkin Jack would be making its frightful entrance just a week or so […]

Bonfire Peaks Demo

Warm Yourself by the Bonfire Peaks Demo, Out Now

The weather is changing, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, fall has already settled deep into our bones. Bonfire Peaks is a welcome relief to that physical and mental chill, and its developer, Corey Martin, has just released a demo for us to warm our hands over. Bonfire […]

8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure

Plunge into Purgatory in Demo for 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure

Descend into the afterlife as told by Korean folklore in Rootless Studios’s 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure. South Korean Rootless Studio hones in on the horror of purgatory in their upcoming metroidvania, illustrating one girl’s struggle against death in a hand-drawn, 2D style. 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure is described thus: “8Doors is […]

Airborne Kingdom

Dec. 17 Release Date Announced for Atmospheric Airborne Kingdom

On September 30, studio The Wandering Band announced the release date for Airborne Kingdom, a horizon-bound citybuilder destined for a wintry launch. Airborne Kingdom has been in development for several years, occasionally releasing tidbits of gameplay that promised an elevated experience to come. The Wandering Band describes their title with the […]


Repurpose Punishing Pixels in Noita, Leaving Early Access Oct. 15

A team of three is behind upcoming Noita, and three is all you need when it’s Petri Purho (Crayon Physics Deluxe), Olli Harjola (The Swapper), and Arvi Teikari (Baba Is You). Noita has been in Early Access since September of 2019, and it now looks forward to a full launch on October […]

Crown Trick

Come Oct. 16, Earn Your Coronation in Crown Trick

Labyrinthine Crown Trick escapes the dungeons of development on October 16, according to NExT Studios’s September 23 announcement. Shanghai-based NExT Studios is responsible for previous titles including Bladed Fury and Iris.Fall, and now they’re seeking to shake up the roguelite genre with their turn-based dungeon-crawler Crown Trick. Crown Trick is summarized with […]

Rip Them Off

Make the Plebs Pay in Satirical Rip Them Off

France-based Lozange Lab gets right to the point with the title of their newly released puzzler, Rip Them Off. The masses are easily fooled, aren’t we? Easy to sway into shopping for things that have no greater purpose in our lives than to lighten our wallets. Rise above the foolish […]

Among Us

Among Us 2 Gets Scrapped for Among Us Upgrades

In an industry where staying relevant is often equated with vomiting out sequels, Washington-based Innersloth has chosen to boldly buck the norm. Among Us, released in 2018, was (and is) a smash multiplayer hit. As with many smash hits, a sequel was planned–but on September 23, Innersloth announced a reversal on […]

You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking’s Alpha Is Signaling for Terrible Drivers

Fresh off the factory floor and eager to put the pedal to the metal, You Suck at Parking is honking the horn for drivers of its alpha build. Announced on August 17, Belgium-based Happy Volcano’s sort-of racing simulator is a cheeky deviation from the norm. Your goal is, simply, to […]


The Planets Seem Fishy in TOHU’s New Gameplay Trailer

TOHU is Poland-based Fireart Games’s point-and-click charmer that’s available as a demo now through September 20 on the PAX Online x EGX Digital floor. With its handcrafted scenes teeming with curiosities, cuties, and…something called “Cubus,” TOHU promises a whimsical escape for this autumn. Fireart Games describes their project thus: “Experience a […]

Decline's Drops

Demo for Decline’s Drops Pulls No Punches

Brush off your dress and put up your fists in Decline’s Drops, the upcoming title from developer Drazglb. The demo for Decline’s Drops launched on September 5 for PC, and in it players can now punch their way through cute enemies that almost definitely deserve what’s coming to them. At the […]

The Last Campfire

Hello Games Trades Hyperspace for Headspace in The Last Campfire

Hello Games is best known for its universe-spanning project No Man’s Sky, a survival game with colossal aspirations. But what happens when a studio lauded for its grasp at the stars turns its focus inward? The Last Campfire is what happens. England-based Hello Games describes their puzzler with the following: “The […]

art of rally

art of rally Reaches the Finish Line Sept. 23

Sitting confidently behind the wheel of art of rally, the upcoming racing simulator, is Canada-based Funselektor Labs. This isn’t developer Dune Casu’s first rodeo–er, race; those of you familiar with Absolute Drift will have an idea of what to expect from this new title’s stylized automotive experiences. art of rally […]

Welcome to Elk

On Sept. 17, Welcome to Elk Retells True Tales

Tall tales are expected in fiction, but the strange and the inane thrive equally in real lives. Welcome to Elk, Denmark-based Triple Topping’s upcoming title, explores and celebrates the oddities of reality–the stories that are as unexpected as they are rarely told. Welcome to Elk is summarized with the following: […]


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