Aztec Ride Coasts for Free onto PC

A terrifying concept made startlingly hilarious, Aztec Ride sees players tossing passengers into the air and scrambling to catch them again before they tumble to their doom. Originally designed for Ludum Dare 47 in 2020, then released for mobile, Aztec Ride has completed its loop by now being available on PC as the updated version that includes procedurally generated levels. Israel-based developer Idan Rooze announced the launch on February 14, and the project is described thus:

“Keep the roller coaster alive by giving your Aztec community a nice thrill, but be careful not to lose them! If you run low on fuel, just toss some passengers and catch them on their way back. Hail Quetzalcoatl!”

Aztec Ride was free then as it is now, hearkening back to when web-browser gaming was the hotbed for incredible ideas and some of the best things you played cost you nothing but the time you put in. Omer Zadok, Idan Rooze, Chase Bethea, and Ori Brusilovsky have treated us all to something simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Aztec Ride is out now for PC and mobile platforms.