Share Your Story in Voyage, Releasing Feb. 19

In a world stifled by the necessity of sheltering alone, Voyage is a reminder of the spirit and the sacredness of journeys made together. Announced initially in 2019 by Sweden-based VenturousVoyage received its formalized release date on February 2 of this year. As visually riveting then as it is now, Voyage only seems to have aged in development like a fine wine. Venturous describes their title with the following:

“To find their way home, two survivors journey to unravel the mysteries of the past.”

Voyage is designed for a cooperative experience, but whether or not you take advantage of that is up to you. Either way, you’ll be guiding two travelers on their journey to understand the past, passing through environments that’ll challenge your sense of exploration versus your nose for aggression. The wordless narrative is backed by music from Calum Bowen (PikunikuSnipperclips) and a striking cinematic style. Voyage is out for PC only on February 19.