Developer Interview: Mountains

It’d be difficult to overstate the impact of Florence on the perceived potential for storytelling in games. In 2018, Australia-based Mountains released their debut title onto mobile platforms first, and the 30-minute Florence went on to win Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards, earning nominations for Games for Impact […]

Sokpop Collective

Developer Interview: Sokpop Collective

Does making two games every two years sound challenging? How about two games every two months? How about…two games every two weeks? Meet Sokpop Collective, the Netherlands-based studio of four that’s been producing bite-sized gems twice a month since 2017. Sokpop Collective works around the clock to fulfill this development […]

ustwo games

Developer Interview: ustwo games

Since 2014, ustwo games has been raising the bar for the video-game medium with every new entry. Their debut title was Monument Valley, a mobile project of such renown that–years later–other studios continue to name it as a source of inspiration for their own work. London-based ustwo games most recently […]

Polygon Treehouse Interview

Developer Interview: Polygon Treehouse

The storied actors behind Polygon Treehouse took so naturally to the indie stage this summer that their debut title won a nomination from The Game Awards. In a year characterized by chilling chaos, Polygon Treehouse released Röki, a frosty tale with a core of sincere, lingering warmth. Since its launch […]

Developer Interview: Foam Sword

The 80s-themed British romp Knights and Bikes launched in August of 2019, and rarely has the joy, tragedy, and sheer exhilaration of childhood been more perfectly expressed in so perfect a package. London-based studio Foam Sword is responsible for Penfurzy’s magic–a studio composed, rather incredibly, of just two people. Rex […]


Developer Interview: Something We Made

If you were pleasantly startled by the existence of the charismatic TOEM after May’s Wholesome Direct, you weren’t alone. Shining brilliantly despite a bright sea of other indie stars, TOEM stole the show with its whimsical monochromatic style–rightfully earning itself a slew of new and avid fans. TOEM has been in […]

Developer Interview Coyan Cardenas

Developer Interview: Coyan Cardenas

Memory of God, the handle; Lambic Studios, the developer; Coyan Cardenas, the person–no matter what name you use, the man behind the magic is the same. Coyan Cardenas is the solo developer behind Where the Goats Are and its savagely beautiful successor, The Stillness of the Wind. The Stillness of the Wind […]

A Short Hike Interview

Developer Interview: Adam Robinson-Yu

Adam Robinson-Yu is the sterling Toronto-based developer behind A Short Hike, the Humble Original that knocked everyone’s socks off last April. A Short Hike is, without doubt, proof that small packages can still land with a staggering impact. A Short Hike enjoyed a full release in July after its initial Humble Bundle […]

LUNA The Shadow Dust Interview

Developer Interview: Lantern Studio

Despite the tidal wave of a fresh and first release still foaming at their heels, Lantern Studio generously spoke with us about their team and their shining achievement, LUNA The Shadow Dust. LUNA The Shadow Dust, a wordless, hand-animated puzzler, released on February 13 for PC. It’s a tender tale fortified […]

The Other Side Interview

Developer Interview: Florian Veltman & Baptiste Portefaix

Creative powerhouses Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix are the maestros behind the upcoming The Other Side, a fiercely beautiful puzzler that delves fearlessly into sorrow and loss. Illustrated with a nostalgic storybook aesthetic and armed with haunting, inescapable truths, The Other Side promises a thought-provoking experience for both the naive and the […]


Developer Interview: Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts needs little introduction. A famed luminary in the indie space, Jason Roberts released one of the finest puzzle games to date in 2017. Gorogoa, Roberts’s critically acclaimed masterpiece, is a visionary puzzler elevated by sublime hand-drawn illustrations. Before and after its release, Gorogoa collected a number of award […]

Harold Halibut

Developer Interview: SLOW BROS.

Crafting a visually compelling and effortlessly engaging game is no small undertaking. Now, imagine stitching that experience together entirely…by hand. Meet the extraordinary team behind the extraordinary upcoming Harold Halibut, a handmade adventure achieving greatness long before its actual release. Harold Halibut blurs the boundaries between different disciplines, arts, and technologies […]

The Wild at Heart

Developer Interview: Moonlight Kids

Split between Georgia and Oregon, Moonlight Kids is the gifted dual-state studio behind the marvelous upcoming The Wild at Heart. Revisit your long-lost childhood with its many dreams, its many terrors, and its many enchantments in The Wild at Heart, which features a clever concoction of multiple genre mechanics. Already […]

Developer Interview: Hempuli Oy

When Baba Is You launched on March 13 of this year on Steam and Switch, it became an instant sleeper success. Baba Is You invites players to navigate bite-sized puzzles as the endearing Baba, deconstructing and reconstructing rules in order to align the way to a win. The simple system behind Baba Is […]


Developer Interview: EXIT 73 Games

In a dramatic plot twist no one saw coming…the masterclass animators behind EXIT 73 Studios have teamed up with veteran programmers to bring to life the delightfully violent, vividly nostalgic #BLUD, a game hewn from cartoon art and vampire remains. Under the new banner “EXIT 73 Games,” the team is carving […]

Minekos Night Market

Developer Interview: Meowza Games

Meowza Games, the studio behind the gobsmackingly gorgeous upcoming Mineko’s Night Market, consists of a brilliant married couple located in Vancouver, Canada. Owner Brent Kobayashi is an artistic legend, and the combined forces of him and his wife are the fuel behind this indie rocket that’s already jetting to stardom. We […]

PixelCount Studios

Developer Interview: PixelCount Studios

Britain-based PixelCount Studios is the mastermind behind the delightfully whimsical, sometimes eccentric, and always charming Kynseed. Released on Steam as an Early Access Game on November 8, Kynseed has since enthralled players with its aging mechanic, clever writing, and breathtaking pixel art. We had the pleasure of speaking with PixelCount Studios, a […]


Developer Interview: Greg Lobanov

Stunningly well-received Wandersong is developer Greg Lobanov‘s charming and effervescent gift to the gaming community. Wandersong released on Steam and Switch on September 27, and since then has been wreathed in the organic appreciation it’s inspired from players all over the globe. We spoke with the superb mind behind it all, Greg […]

The Gardens Between

Developer Interview: The Voxel Agents

Behind the new and stunning The Gardens Between is studio The Voxel Agents — an Australian-based developer already known for its successful Train Conductor series and Puzzle Retreat. The Gardens Between, released on September 20 for PC, PS4, and Switch, is their latest accomplishment, and has received showers of praise from every direction. We spoke […]

The Kings Bird

Developer Interview: Serenity Forge

The collaborative and wonderfully talented studio Serenity Forge released their latest masterpiece, The King’s Bird, on August 23. A momentum platformer boasting unique mechanics and soulful ambient visuals, The King’s Bird is only the latest in a string of individually produced or cooperative indies from Serenity Forge. Based in Boulder, Colorado, this […]


Developer Interview: Radical Fish Games

Having launched September 20, CrossCode perfectly heralded the onslaught of fall weather ideal for tucking yourself indoors to chip away at your ever-growing backlog. Radical Fish Games‘ CrossCode, however, isn’t content to merely sit on your virtual shelf and wait its turn — it elbows its way to the front of the line, chomping […]


Developer Interview: Paper Castle Games

Venezuelan studio Paper Castle Games, of Underhero fame, took time to speak with us about their recent indie launch and the process behind making a stupendous story happen. Underhero released on September 19 on Steam and has since enjoyed a thoroughly positive reception, boasting a unique spin on the hero’s tale […]

The Banner Saga 3

Developer Interview: Stoic

As of July 26 this year, the epic Viking saga that began in January of 2014 came to a resounding, and deeply satisfying, close. Stoic released Banner Saga 3, the third and final installment to the beloved Banner Saga series, to a round of much-deserved critical acclaim. We spoke with Co-founder and […]


Developer Interview: Glass Revolver

Meet Glass Revolver, the one-man studio behind upcoming ITTA, a superb bullethell indie with tantalizingly artistic visuals. ITTA is currently in development with a tentative release date of 2019, and is planned for a Steam launch. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob Williams, the talented developer behind it all, about […]

Chained Echoes

Developer Interview: Ark Heiral

A better implementation of back-to-basics than in Ark Heiral‘s upcoming Chained Echoes — a SNES-stylized RPG with heavy exploration and combat elements — would be difficult to find. We spoke with the grandmaster behind the development, Germany-based Matthias, about what we can expect from this indie delight, and just how giant mechs […]


Developer Interview: Glumberland

If a game that combines all the best and most beloved elements of Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon sounds simply too good to be true, then we’re delighted to introduce to you Ooblets: the upcoming exploration, farming, and creature collection gem by studio Glumberland. We had the pleasure of catching up […]

My Memory of Us

Developer Interview: Juggler Games

Meet Jakub Jablonski, the Creative & Art Director behind Juggler Games — the break-out indie studio developing My Memory of Us, a WWII-inspired story about love and friendship in the midst of trial and separation. Patrick Stewart is the narrative voice for this entry, and for that sheer fact alone, it’s […]


Developer Interview: Toy Box Lab

Time to tune in, Age of Empires and Civilization enthusiasts: indie developer Toy Box Lab is in the process of crafting the latest evolution in the historical strategic genre. Fusing real-world data with complex Greek mythology, Toy Box Lab’s Anthropomarchy promises a fascinating concept combined with staff-oriented execution. We spoke to Gabrielle Damas […]

Orion Shadow of Jeroba

Developer Interview: From Heart We Make

Almost Games Studio’s undergoing a transformation. In celebration of the new and brilliant partnership between the unquestionably talented Clément and Stéphane, Almost Games Studio’s becoming From Heart We Make — and From Heart We Make’s first title? The effervescently animated and delightfully combat-oriented Orion – Shadow of Jeroba. When staggeringly good […]

The Window Box

Developer Interview: Sundew Studios

Meet Sundew Studios — the enterprising Seattle-based indie studio working on their first upcoming title, The Window Box. The small, but mighty, Sundew Studios is led by Allie Ast, the studio’s creator and sole full-time member. We can expect to see The Window Box grace Steam in early 2019; for now, […]

The Adventure Pals

Developer Interview: Massive Monster

Not every game on your shelf needs to make you want to chuck your controller at your TV screen. For something lighthearted, clever, and genuinely good fun, look to studio Massive Monster, best known for their flash game-turned-indie The Adventure Pals. We spoke with Jay Armstrong, Managing Director and developer for Massive […]

Grimmwood They Come At Night

Developer Interview: Big Moustache Games

Grimmwood – They Come at Night is Bulgarian studio Big Moustache Games‘ first entry — and what a stunning and innovative success for a first entry it is. Launched on August 2 on Steam, Grimmwood has ever since captivated and challenged players with its vast MMO cooperative system and memorable, if […]

Developer Interview: Stolen Couch Games

We caught up with Stolen Couch Games, the Netherland-based studio responsible for the charming paradise sim Castaway Paradise, just in time for their fresh re-release. July 31 marks a landmark day for the title, as it makes the leap from Steam and mobile darling to console champion. We wanted to find […]

Developer Interview: Somnium Games

Somnium Games, Croatian-born indie studio, is the developer behind the lavishly beautiful Inked. Released in April of 2018, Inked stunned players with its unique ink-on-paper art style and its fascinating storyline. Today, Inked continues to delight new players and old, providing gamers a tantalizing taste of what else could be coming from the […]

Forgotton Anne ThroughLine Games Interview

Developer Interview: ThroughLine Games

ThroughLine Games is the superbly talented studio behind Forgotton Anne, the staggeringly beautiful 2D platformer currently available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Forgotton Anne‘s remarkable Ghibli-esque art and complex, enchanting storytelling make it a stand-out in the segment — and as it is ThroughLine Games’ first entry, it promises great things in […]


Developer Interview: Diceroll Studios

If Diceroll Studios needs an introduction, that will only be the case for a short while longer. The brilliant minds behind Umiro, the astonishingly good $2.99 gem available for the screen on your desk and the screen in your pocket, kindly consented to be riddled with questions regarding their lovely […]