Everhood Forces You to Face the Music

The power of a game that successfully fuses music with mechanics is not to be ignored. Everhood, first out on March 4, was developed by Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca. Wrapped in a psychedelic style and loaded with some serious jams, Everhood quickly crooned itself a player base that can’t stop raving. Nordgren and Roca describe their project thus:

“An UNCONVENTIONAL ADVENTURE RPG that takes place in an inexpressible world filled with amusing musical battles and strange delightful encounters. To put it simply: You are in for a ride.”

It might seem shouty to summarize your title with “UNCONVENTIONAL ADVENTURE RPG,” but with Everhood, that seems precisely the right way to advertise and explain what’s in store. Music-based battles form the foundation of Everhood‘s gameplay, but you’ll find everything from board games to a custom editor waiting. Everhood is out now for PC and Switch.