Get a Taste of Your Own Medicine with Kynseed’s Apothecary Update

Launched for Early Access in 2018 by PixelCount StudiosKynseed is a labor of love that’s been taking root and flowering for years. Most recently, Kynseed enjoyed a new update that allows players to open and run their own apothecaries. PixelCount Studios had this to say on February 23 when the update was patched through:

“The Apothecary Update is finally out and budding healers are getting their eager hands on their pestles, and giving things a good mash. The update was a little bit slow to appear due to a large re-design of how parts of the apothecary worked…poor Nick was up to his eyeballs trying to make sense of our documents and discussions! The team pulled through with a fantastic base we can build on, and with your valued feedback we can shape this very unique business into er…shape.”

To cure ailing patients, players must listen carefully to the stated woes. Consult recipes to make powders, lotions, creams, and potions that dispel everything from ugly blisters to nasty hexes. Just…don’t mess up. You wouldn’t want to make things worse, would you? Kynseed is out now in Early Access for PC only and looks forward to more big updates in the near future.