Get Your Clock Cleaned in Revita’s Early Access

The image of struggling through the heights of a procedurally generated clock tower is a terrific metaphor for the times we live in. It’s also a terrific concept for a punishing platformer. Revita is Germany-based BenStar‘s Early Access project–a roguelite centered on scaling a spire loaded with bosses, items, and ominous elevators. Revita is summarized with the following:

“In this fast paced twin-stick roguelite platformer, you play as an unnamed child ascending an ominous clocktower in pursuit of their lost memories. Harvest and sacrifice souls to grow your power in order to challenge procedural encounter rooms and intimidating bosses!”

The stakes are high as you’re encouraged to sacrifice health for power in your quest to reach the top. Collect your arsenal, steel your nerves, and show no mercy as you reap souls and scrabble your way to a restored memory. Additional settings make the game accessible for everyone, including options for aim assist, gameplay speed, and enemy outlines. Revita is out now in Early Access for PC only.