Cancel the Catnap: Mineko’s Night Market Is Coming

You probably remember this winsome, cat-packed adventure from the summer trailer dropped in 2018. That trailer promised a release in 2019 for a game that has had a Twitter account since 2015. Now, three years after the most recent trailer, Mineko’s Night Market is reclaiming the spotlight that’s been eagerly hovering for ages. Meowza Games had this to say in their tweet on March 1:

“Hello friends! A quick update to answer a few questions: Yes, the game is still being worked on full time. No, we do not have a release date for you yet. (This is the first place you’ll hear about it when we do though.) Yes, more news and announcements are coming!

In a follow-up comment, Meowza Games also noted their new partnership with Studio Cypher. It’s unclear what level of collaboration Studio Cypher is enjoying with the OG team, but Meowza Games tipped their hat to them and their help, saying, “The amazing work they’ve been doing makes us even more eager to get the game into your hands!” Mineko’s Night Market is still slated for release on PC and Switch, but the answer to “when?” is probably still a number of announcements away.