Take a Hard Look at Your SELF

Programmed by Logam Fornan (dev_dwarf); designed by Matthew Hobbs (mmatt_ugh); scored by Connor GrailSELF is a brutalist platforming experience that screams, “ARCADE GAMES ARE ALIVE AND WELL, DOGGONE IT!” And the scream has been heard loud and clear, drawing so many fans in so little time that SELF is currently one of the top-rated platformers on SELF is described with the simple following:

“SELF is a short game about a lost soul. Recover the fragments of your SELF. Be touched by the higher being.”

SELF is starting small with big goals. The developers have released it as is for the time being, with the plan being to utilize donations to develop the title into a full-length project. Patches are already in progress, the first of which should land sometime the first week of March. Bug fixes, new levels, and quality-of-life improvements are all in the works. The bite-sized version of SELF came out on February 21 and is available now for PC only.