In Kitty Letter, May the Best Vocatulary Win

The only thing better than owning your friends with fancy wordplay is owning your friends with fancy wordplay and cute cats. Matthew Inman, Seattle-based creator of The Oatmeal, released Kitty Letter on February 10 under the developer name Exploding Kittens, Inc. Kitty Letter is summarized with the following:

“Kitty Letter is a head-to-head competitive word game where the best linguist wins. Unscramble words using your enchanted language vortex from the multiverse of infinite vocabularinities, collect power-ups from dysenteric deer, and stop your crazy cat-collecting neighbor from destroying your house!”

Take your vocab prowess to war against friends or randos in the multiplayer mode. If challenging real folks isn’t your jam, there’s a single-player mode that includes a brand-new tale from the storied Matthew Inman. Kitty Letter is available now as free download for mobile only.