Thunder Lotus Games Ships Lily Update for Spiritfarer

The first in a series of three free updates for 2020’s Spiritfarer made a perfumed splash on April 20, bringing to the crew a new character, bonus features, and quality-of-life changes. Stella’s backstory in vanilla Spiritfarer was open to interpretation, but that ambiguity had many fans scratching their heads and demanding dirty laundry. In response to this and other feedback Thunder Lotus Games received, a set of patches were planned, starting with the Lily Update. Thunder Lotus Games says the following in their announcement:

“Hey there, Spiritfarers! The Lily Update is ready to spread its wings, and Lily is finally making her debut to the Spiritfarer crew! This update is completely free! All you need to do is Update Spiritfarer! Alongside Lily herself, you’ll find some new features, a bunch of Quality of life changes and lots of Bug Fixes!”

Lily is a narrative vehicle designed to round out Stella’s personal story. She’s Stella’s sister, and interacting with her with reveal snippets of Stella’s life. Other changes introduced in the Lily Update include co-op fishing, island names appearing during fast travel, and so on. More changes are on the way in the shape of the Beverly and Jackie & Daria Updates, planned for summer and fall. New spirits, new features, and new buildings are all on their way–if you thought your Spiritfarer ship was docked for good, you may want to ready the lines and prepare to weigh anchor.