Jump Over the Age Reveals In-Development Project Sidereal

In April of 2020, studio Jump Over the Age dared the world to dip its toes In Other Waters. Fittingly, a year later, Jump Over the Age’s Gareth Damian Martin announced a new challenge: a flight into the cold surreality of space. On April 23, Project Sidereal (working title) was revealed, along with a teaser trailer and the following description:

“This first thing you become aware of upon waking is the disconnect. The delay between thinking and feeling. Between wanting to act and acting. Minor, almost imperceptible, but always present.”

From watery depths to starry ones, Jump Over the Age isn’t afraid to take a story to otherwise-unexplored extremes. Very little is being communicated about gameplay just yet, but it seems as though the narrative style will be in the same vein as In Other Waters. At present, Project Sidereal is loosely planned for a 2022 launch on PC.