Anew: The Distant Light Draws Near with New Gameplay Trailer

The glow of studio Resonator’s approaching star has been growing steadily since 2018 at least. With the launch of a new gameplay trailer, Anew: The Distant Light now sets its flight path to intersect with 2021. On April 27, Resonator revealed their plans with a press release and a tweet, informing orbiting fans that a touchdown was coming soon for PC. Anew: The Distant Light is summarized thus:

“Discover a mysterious, interconnected alien world in this sci-fi action-exploration game. Earn game-changing equipment through skillful combat and solving puzzles. Customize your gear, pilot insane vehicles, and repair your powerful home ship for the ultimate advantage.”

Resonator was founded by industry veterans Steve Copeland and Jeff Spoonhower. Their pedigrees include titles ranging from Bioshock 2 to Star Wars: Empire at War, so it’s safe to say players are in good hands with Anew: The Distant Light–a metroidvania that promises a richly populated sci-fi world with oodles of lore and loot. Anew: The Distant Light is slated for a 2021 release window for PC only with console launches coming later.