Shady Part of Me Sheds a Thoughtful Light on You

On December 10, a shadow descended. Did you notice a darkening? Shady Part of Me, Paris-based Douze Dixièmes‘s debut title, cast its glow over most major systems just a short time ago. Featuring a well-known voice for narration and a striking visual style, Shady Part of Me crept through the winter window and is now poised to haunt many a December dream. Douze Dixièmes describes their project with the following:

“Overcome emotional struggles across a touching narrative filled with twists and surprises. Embark on a dream-like journey, with breathtaking artistic direction and the enthralling voice of Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones, Skins).”

In Shady Part of Me, toggle between 2D and 3D in a surreal, claustrophobic landscape. Guide a young girl and her shadow on their journey through a dream kingdom of puzzles and promises–of emotional turmoil and meaningful contemplation. Shady Part of Me is out now for all major systems except mobile.