The Game Awards Was the Reason for the Season

The Game Awards for 2020 alternated between flying and creeping by on December 10. But if you hung on just long enough, you would’ve found that time altogether froze at a certain moment–froze as Montreal-based Scavengers Studio‘s name hit the screen. Scavengers Studio chose The Game Awards to reveal their latest project, Season, and the trailer was an exhilarating look at something truly special. Season is summarized with the following:

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the journey of Season, a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. The premise of Season is that you play a traveller recording the last moments of different cultures before they’re washed away. Through the eyes of a young woman leaving a secluded community, you explore the wider world for the first time.”

Document the lights of ancient foreign cultures as they blink out, making way for new generations of the fantastic and the celebrated. In Season, your best friend is your bicycle as you traverse stretches of land in your quest to understand why the last world collapsed. Season is currently slated for a PS5-only launch, and no window for release has been announced yet.