Take a Load Off in the Newly Announced Here Comes Niko!

Netherlands-based studio Frog Vibes croaked out the Here Comes Niko! announcement on December 14. In a tweet that already has the amphibian-loving community in an enthusiastic uproar, Frog Vibes launched the first trailer and declared their partnership on the game with Gears for Breakfast, the studio behind A Hat in Time. Developers Stijn van Wakeren and Clear Eclair describe their project with the following:

“Here Comes Niko! is the cozy 3D platformer for tired people! You play as Niko traveling across scenic islands. Make new friends, catch fish, solve puzzles, snag bugs, and more! Oh, Did I mention your boss is a frog?”

Here Comes Niko! meshes 3D and paper aesthetics to draw forth a world as cute and cuddly as its protagonists. Take on the “Professional Friend” job at Tadpole Incorporated–a career that isn’t nearly as exploitative as it might sound–and help the many lonely inhabitants of places like Hairball City. Here Comes Niko! is slated for launch on PC and Switch “soon.”