Tiptoe Strategically in Tenderfoot Tactics, Out Now

Developed by Badru, Michael Bell, Isa Hutchinson, Taylor Thomas, Zoe Vartanian, and Madison PatheTenderfoot Tactics is a testament to the ingenuity of conveying maximums using minimums. This low-poly RPG stretches minimalism to fantastic lengths, offering a richly empty world to discover and shape. Tenderfoot Tactics describes itself with the following:

“A party of goblins, granted magic by an ancient spirit, wanders the archipelago, fighting back the terrible Fog. Wield elemental power with wild repercussions in this open-world tactics RPG.”

Special emphasis has been placed on the “elemental power” players will be able to wield, and caution has been urged. You may be able to boil a lake or start a fire to succeed in combat, but you may not be happy with your decision to do so later. Tenderfoot Tactics released on October 21 for PC only.