Order a Side of MEat as a Halloween Treat

When it comes to working in food service, you’d best be ready for anything. Arrogant, wine-swilling Karens? Check. Literal dumpster fires? Check. Ravenous monster patrons?! Check, please! anOVERTHINKER, developer behind the upcoming Scary Movie Night, announced on October 9 the release of micro project MEatMEat is described with the following:

“Work in this “Real Life Simulation”, working in a Fast Food Joint. Serve VERY hungry customers, clean tables & hope your manager doesn’t find ANY issues with your tasty meat.. you serve.”

MEat is part of anOVERTHINKER’s “Mind Projections” series, a collection of experimental titles exploring the human psyche. Experience the horror of serving fast food like never before–throw juicy burgers, avoid eye contact, and pray to the golden-arch gods you don’t tick off your manager.  MEat released on October 10 for PC only.