On Oct. 29, Throw Down the Gauntlet in Undungeon Arena

On October 8, Ukraine-based Laughing Machines announced an upcoming teaser for their in-development Undungeon. At the end of the month, Undungeon Arena is slated to open its pixelated gates, welcoming in a fan base that’s already frothing at the mouth for Undungeon fun. The demo is described thus:

“Become a space gladiator and battle across multiple arenas in this standalone roguelite experience set in the Undungeon universe. Featuring the new playable character – Marduk.”

Designed to tease but not spoil the full experience of UndungeonUndungeon Arena is a separate entity that shows off the real-time combat and gritty sci-fi aesthetic. Do battle in an arena teeming with bloodthirsty foes and malevolent onlookers. Undungeon Arena releases for PC on October 29.