APICO’s Brand-New Demo Makes a Beeline for May 20

If you think you hear something rumbling in the distance and believe there’s a sweet smell in the air…you’re right. That’s the growing buzz around a little project called APICO, TNgineers‘s beekeeping simulator. A demo was released for APICO last August, and since then a sticky hive of fans has been steadily multiplying. Now a new demo is planned, per the following announcement on Twitter:

For #WorldBeeDay we’re going to be releasing a brand new demo for APICO!! It’ll have new species, customisation, fermentation, mead production, conservation progress and more! Demo drops 20th MAY on Steam/Itch/GJ

The title is being developed by two brothers, and their bee fandom is real. A portion of the proceeds from APICO‘s full launch is already promised to international beekeeping charities, and the demo is dropping in honor of World Bee Day. The new demo takes flight on May 20 for PC only, offering a honeyed taste of the final product for both practiced players and new. APICO, the full game, is loosely slated for a 2022 release.

APICO Demo 2