The Honk Is As Bad As the Bite in Mighty Goose, Coming June 5

On May 15, Netherlands-based Blastmode honked out the news: Mighty Goose is ready to break formation, aiming to land early next month. Mighty Goose is an arcade shooter with one wing raised in salute to the classics of yore. Blastmode and development partner MP2 Games describe it with the following:

“Mighty Goose is a fast paced run & gun shooter starring a bounty hunter Goose. Use epic weapons and devastating war machines to battle against screen filling bosses and hordes of enemies!”

You are Goose, a feathery, barrel-chested bounty hunter. Your target is the Void King, a dastardly conqueror primed to quell the galaxy with an array of minions and mechs. Mighty Goose may be another entry into the gooseverse, but don’t mistake it for one of its well-known siblings. In this goose tale, your firepower is what makes your foes quiver. Mighty Goose launches for every major system except mobile on June 5.