Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude Turns New Page with July 17 Release Date

On May 14, an important page was turned in the paperverse. Fresh before us is an open book–the cover of which has been teased since 2019 at least. ScrapPaperDev announced via Twitter a new trailer and the finalized release date for Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude, the free prequel for a project that’s been eye candy for years. ScrapPaperDev had this to say in that tweet:

“Get your scrap books ready, cause the date is set! Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude releases July 17, 2021! Check out the new trailer below!”

The shiny new trailer also teased an exclusive look (coming June 12) at Scrap Story‘s battle system. Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude will include around eight hours of gameplay, in which Paper Girl goes on a quest to find her brother. An expansion is currently planned for fall, and the main title, Scrap Story, is still in development. Scrap Story: The Paper Prelude launches for PC only on July 17.