Taste Test Born of Bread with Oven-Fresh Demo

On April 30, Canada-based WildArts Studio popped open the oven and delivered a warm, aromatic treat–free of charge. Born of Bread, a fresh entry in the unfolding “paperverse,” is now serving its very own demo. Last July the project earned its official (and current) title, and today WildArts Studio is describing their winning dish with the following:

“Play as a flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities. Team-up with a colorful cast of characters, explore the different regions of a wonderful world ripe with mysteries and engage in a fun and quirky turn-based combat system.”

Born of Bread‘s gameplay consists of turn- and time-based combat inspired by paperverse titles of yore. The demo is a stand-alone story that takes place in the first region of the main game, so it’s safe to say it won’t spoil your appetite for the rest. Born of Bread‘s demo is available now on PC only, with a full launch coming “soon.”