Let’s Build a Zoo Reveal Sheds Crocodile Tears

The ethics of zookeeping tend to be…murky. Where do zoos get their livestock? How do they really sustain themselves? What goes on in the dead of night when the guests are at home, counting exotic, free-range sheep? Let’s Build a Zoo, revealed on April 27 by publisher No More Robots, pokes this philosophical bear with a very pointy stick. Singapore-based Springloaded is developing the title, and they describe it with the following:

“It’s time to Build a Zoo! Construct and decorate enclosures, buy and breed animals, hire zookeepers and vets… then try your hand at DNA splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal. This can only go smoothly…”

In the reveal trailer, all seems well…until the final scene, where buildings sporting animal logos and spewing smoke are shown against a gray, dismal backdrop. In Let’s Build a Zoo, you’ll have the option to play everything by the moral rulebook–and it seems you’ll also have the option to throw the rulebook right out the window. Dabble in DNA splicing, trade on the black market… It’s survival of the fittest for humans and businesses too, right? Let’s Build a Zoo is planned for a PC launch “soon.”