Come May 7, Be Glued in Place by Papetura

Poland-based Petums wasn’t content with telling a story on paper–rather, in Papetura, the story is told with paper. The studio has taken pains to cut and glue everything by hand, with life then animated into the papery characters and scenes. Accompanied by award-winning composer Floex, studio Petums intends to let something truly special unfold in May. Papetura is described thus:

“Papetura is an atmospheric point & click adventure game, handcrafted entirely out of paper. Little creatures Pape and Tura will face monsters that will try to burn down their beloved paper world.”

Shadows and light play a significant role both visually and narratively in Papetura. The most terrifying light of all for paper–flame–proves to be the primary antagonist, which Pape and Tura must quench in order to save their world. Puzzles are blended into the surroundings, and a dearth of dialogue means every lick of attention can be eagerly feasting on the paper aesthetic. Papetura is slated for a May 7 release on PC only.