Tell People to Heck Off in Studio Fizbin’s Say No! More

You’re new; you’re naive; you’re nervous. When it’s a good job you’re after, all you desperately want to do is say “yes.” No matter how menial the task or mental the conversation, you’re obligated to just nod along…right? Studio Fizbin, the same Berlin-based developer behind upcoming Minute of Islands, is here to say…NEIN. Say No! More, released on April 9, is summarized with the following:

“SAY NO! MORE is the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game). Play as an intern with a burning desire to say NO! to everything and everyone. Customize your character, say NO! in different styles and languages, clap back at mean colleagues and change the world!”

And that’s it. It’s a ridiculously simple concept with seriously therapeutic results. Sometimes you just need to shout “no” at absurdity–however, in real life, you’re likely to opt for the less confrontational but more soul-crushing shrug. In Say No! More, bellow “no” with relish at everything and everyone. Say No! More is now available on PC, Switch, and mobile.