Of Love and Eternity Announced with Alpha Demo

On April 7, Brazil-based developer Winston Powell revealed Of Love and Eternity, a grim solo project on love and damnation. A trailer and a demo were simultaneously revealed, allowing players to mire themselves early in a story sticky with death. Powell, also known as Acorn Bringer, says this of Of Love and Eternity:

“Of Love and Eternity has been a work of passion of mine for the past few years. It started as a feeling, then became a story, and now this game. While merely a short demo as of now, I hope that it conveys enough of my vision to capture people’s imagination.”

The demo requires less than 30 minutes to complete, and in it players take on the role of a knight lost in purgatory. An untimely death is succeeded by an eldritch void–to earn a peaceful rest, you must find your missing loved one. Of Love and Eternity‘s alpha demo is out now for PC only.