First Official Trailer Builds Momentum for Co-op Desohunter

Thailand-based Ninmang Studio may consist of just one person, but their upcoming project acknowledges that–sometimes–it’s dangerous to go alone. Ninmang Studio’s Desohunter is a co-op adventure, now with a shiny new trailer to its name. Hopeful rumors have been replaced with promising facts, and Desohunter is freshly, officially described with the following:

“”Desonia”, the land of wealth and mystery, has been ravaged by invading monster armies. Years later, it is now an unforgiving destination sought by treasure hunters from around the world.”

An open world crawling with monsters awaits. Combat in Desohunter relies on physics, forcing players to consider momentum a crucial part of their strategy. The online multiplayer system is currently planned to be “drop in, drop out,” making it easy to link up with pals who might be willing to lend a hand when things get tough. And also easy for these same pals to ditch you at an important moment. All’s fair in love and video games! Desohunter is slated for a vague “2022” release on PC.