Discover the Tiny Lands Difference on Jan. 22

The weather is cold, the year is new, and the mind is ready for a warm dip in relaxing, meditative waters. Fear not, tired minds–the relaxing waters are coming. On January 4, Spain-based Hyper Three Studio announced the release date for their low-poly project Tiny LandsTiny Lands is summarized with the following:

“A relaxing low poly isometric game where you have to find the differences in 3D and experience a beautiful environment.”

It’s exactly that simple. Snag the fluffiest blanket in the house, grab a mug of something steaming, and settle in for an experience that writes itself. Noodle around in fluid 3D environments, searching for the changes made between the mirror images. Set yourself adrift in miniature worlds, and forget for just a moment that things outside are, well, what they are. Tiny Lands launches for PC on January 22.