Set Yourself to Island Time with Pocket Watch

Sokpop Collective is a Patreon-funded, Netherlands-based studio of four that’s been committed to making two games a month since 2017. Does that seem like a lot of games per month? You are right. That is a lot of games per month. For the end of December, Sokpop launched Pocket Watch, and they describe it with the following:

“A time-traveling adventure game on a tropical island. Talk to animals, solve puzzles, and save the island from destruction…”

It’s hardly a snippet of a summary, but Pocket Watch itself is rather longer than the studio’s norm. One player clocked it at around four hours–and once you dip your toes into the warm island water, you’ll see why spending those hours as carefully as possible will be key to your success. You see, there’s a volcano looming in the distance, and…well, it’s a little grumbly. Bad grumbly. And you’re just the duck to make things alright again. Pocket Watch is out now for PC only.