On Jan. 14, Solve Puzzles in a Dungeon in Dungeon and Puzzles

Simply titled but carefully crafted, Dungeon and Puzzles is exactly what it sounds like. You’re faced with puzzles…in a dungeon. Studio HuMoFish is launching their pixel project on January 14, treating intrepid adventurers to 150 levels on a non-linear map. Dungeon and Puzzles is officially summarized thus:

“Dungeon and Puzzles is a 2D spatial logic and ability switch puzzle game. The adventurer’s ability depends on what equipment he currently uses. You have to think through every step. After clearing the level, you can try other routes of strategy to optimize your solution.”

Smashing one button into oblivion won’t get you far this time. Dungeon and Puzzles gears you up, but it’s up to you to do all the thinking in order to advance. Whether it’s a pair of gloves or a pointy sword, you’ll need to know which equipment to wield and when to conquer all of the puzzles…in the dungeon. Dungeon and Puzzles releases on January 14 for PC only.