Clean Up in Tadpole Tales, Launching for Free on Jan. 15

Never underestimate a tadpole’s desire to fight pollution. In Tadpole Tales, developers Andrei Cretu, Giacomo Autili, and Tomer Barnea take players on a waterlogged, boss-packed journey to restore a river and save endangered friends. The year-long project for the team is their first “proper” game, and they’re releasing it for free to get us all properly hooked. Tadpole Tales is summarized with the following:

“A tiny 2D Hand-drawn “Clean ‘Em Up” game about a tadpole cleaning rivers and fighting pollution.”

The game is stated to be “quite a small game,” but the boss battles shown so far promise big things. The polluted river has poisoned your animal friends, and to save everyone, you must take your tadpole bod to the next froggy level. Tadpole Tales launches for free on January 15 for PC only.