Dorfromantik Draws Early Access Tile for March 25

Dorfromantik‘s path to early access was confirmed by Toukana on February 2, when the Berlin-based studio of four announced a release date and a new demo simultaneously. The pacifist world builder has been accumulating a warm blanket of welcome from the community through its free demo, and this move to early access promises continued support for the title in making it exactly what it needs to be when it launches. Toukana said this, among other things, in their announcement:

“Dorfromantik is a peaceful and wholesome game and many of you are telling us that even the prototype helped you unwind in these globally harsh times. This has convinced us to bring Dorfromantik to the community earlier than we had originally planned. An Early Access release allows us to do this and improve the game with updates and the feedback from you, the players.”

In Dorfromantik, players pull from a stack of procedurally generated tiles. These tiles must be placed and rotated to achieve an ideal landscape as harmonious as it is strategic. Originally the studio had planned to do a full release sometime in the middle of this year. That part of the plan happily remains mostly the same, as Toukana has stated that the core mechanics are stable and shippable. For now, Dorfromantik is coming to early access on March 25 for PC only.