Shelter 3 Heads for Elephantine Launch on March 30

Long before Book of Travels teasers came Sweden-based Might and Delight‘s Shelter series. In 2013, Shelter twisted hearts with its badger family; in 2015, Shelter 2  wrung hands with its lynxes. Now, for 2021, Might and Delight is releasing Shelter 3, this time promising many miles in the massive shoes of elephants. Shelter 3 is summarized with the following:

“What happens when a leader falters? The matriarch needs your help to get to an important destination, and you must keep everyone safe along the way. Decide which paths to take as you lead the herd through the matriarch’s forgotten places – but choose carefully, for each path has its own shadows.”

The Shelter series is known to be an enemy of dry eyes, and the third iteration will likely tug on all the same heartstrings. Each entry has evolved in terms of gameplay, and Shelter 3 emphasizes the needs of the many versus the needs of just a few. Can you lead your herd to safety? Or will the shadows of beasts overtake you? Shelter 3 releases for PC only on March 30.