Among Us 2 Gets Scrapped for Among Us Upgrades

In an industry where staying relevant is often equated with vomiting out sequels, Washington-based Innersloth has chosen to boldly buck the norm. Among Us, released in 2018, was (and is) a smash multiplayer hit. As with many smash hits, a sequel was planned–but on September 23, Innersloth announced a reversal on that plan: Among Us 2 is canceled, and Among Us is getting all the love instead. Among Us is summed up by the studio with the following:

“An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-10 players…in space!”

Someone is an imposter. Their goal? Murder. Are you the imposter? Is your friend the imposter? Is it the online stranger who laughs nervously at all the wrong times? Unless you and your real teammates sleuth your way to an answer, you can kiss your sweet victory goodbye. The brilliantly simple system of terror and treachery that enchanted players in 2018 is alive and well in 2020, and according to Innersloth, it’s only going to get better. All the updates planned for Among Us 2 are now scheduled for Among Us, including features like a new stage, servers, colorblindness support, and an account system. Among Us is currently out on mobile and PC.