Demo for Decline’s Drops Pulls No Punches

Brush off your dress and put up your fists in Decline’s Drops, the upcoming title from developer Drazglb. The demo for Decline’s Drops launched on September 5 for PC, and in it players can now punch their way through cute enemies that almost definitely deserve what’s coming to them. At the moment, the first level and a tutorial level are accessible for play. Decline’s Drops is summarized succinctly with the following:

“Decline’s Drops is a game about a wooden puppet who just didn’t want her garden to be destroyed.”

This is no ordinary beat-’em-up. Behind every corner peeps a collectible, and behind every world lurks a satire. Play as Globule, a charming puppet with a temper that packs a serious punch. Smashing stuff is fun, but Decline’s Drops aims to leave you with something that lingers a little longer–biting allegories that mirror the unfortunate realities of the real world. Decline’s Drops is currently planned for a PC and Switch release.