Ooblets Breaks the Ice with Sparkling Winter Update

If you haven’t dipped your toes in the Ooblets water yet, well…you missed your chance for a warm soak, but maybe a trot through the snow is what you were in the mood for anyway. Studio Glumberland announced on December 7 their intention to release the Ooblets Winter Update, the latest batch of content since their 0.4 Nullwhere patch. Glumberland stated the following:

“The Ooblets Winter Update is nearly ready for release! Expect some chilly weather, new resources, new items, and maybe even a new lil pal”

Ooblets launched in Early Access on July 15 of this year. It’s a life simulator with an emphasis on CCC–for the uninitiated, that’s “cute creature collection” to you. Rear ooblets from seedlings to full-fledged groove gurus, then take them into dance-offs to strut their stuff. The Winter Update is tentatively slated for release on December 8, while the in-development title is available now for PC and Xbox.

Ooblets Winter Screenshot