Tukoni Is Oksana Bula’s Beguiling Free Adventure

Oksana Bula, award-winning author and artist from Ukraine, brought her captivating world to a new medium on November 19. Just a short month ago, Tukoni launched for free on PC–a short and sweet gaming rendition of Bula’s storybook adventures. The project was developed by Bula herself, along with Alexey Furman and Alexey Sysoiev. These three describe it with the following:

“Tukoni is a point-and-click puzzle adventure, based on a series of award-winning books by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Bula. Play as Tukoni, the forest spirits, as you meet unique characters, solve captivating puzzles, craft new items, and explore a magical world filled with kindness.”

Tukoni warmly invites the player into a lush, wordless universe. Go on a journey with the wandering “Tukoni,” forest spirits that care for the green lands they live in. There are puzzles, and there are things to craft, but the experience shines as an exercise in the simple contemplation of the simply beautiful. Tukoni is out now on PC.