El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Rides into the Sunset Dec. 3

Shut out the winter frost with a swirl of western dust in El Hijo – A Wild West Tale. Berlin-based Honig Studios launched their release-date trailer on November 20, revealing that their spaghetti western was slated to ride into the sunset on December 3. The studio summarizes their project thus:

“El Hijo is an exciting spaghetti-western stealth game, in which you guide a 6-year-old boy on his quest to find his mother.”

The Wild West is no place for unarmed children–unless, of course, you’re el hijo. Search for tu madre, the woman who left you safe at a monastery after your home was ravaged by bandits. You’re no gunslinger, but if you play your cards right, you can slip past even the best of them. El Hijo – A Wild West Tale releases for PC on December 3.