Dec. 17 Release Date Announced for Atmospheric Airborne Kingdom

On September 30, studio The Wandering Band announced the release date for Airborne Kingdom, a horizon-bound citybuilder destined for a wintry launch. Airborne Kingdom has been in development for several years, occasionally releasing tidbits of gameplay that promised an elevated experience to come. The Wandering Band describes their title with the following:

“Airborne Kingdom uniquely blends management with exploration. Barren landscapes never let you stay put for long, but perhaps your efforts can restore the world to its former utopia. Grow your clan, develop technologies, and uncover lost kingdoms.”

Start humbly with a single town center, but aim to expand your kingdom and bring life to the lands passing below your feet. Juggle the needs of your people and the needs of your technology as you part the skies, leaving a story in the clouds of triumph or tragedy. Airborne Kingdom launches on December 17 for PC.