Carp Less, Fish More in Koi Farm on Feb. 26

Having a lushly populated and perfectly landscaped koi pond is a dream many of us have…which many of us will certainly never achieve. Gratitude, then, is due to developers Job Talle and 3xBlast for bringing the elusive imaginings a little closer to home. Koi Farm is a pond simulator that allows players to dip their toes into breeding algorithms without ever needing to get wet. Koi Farm is summarized thus:

“Koi Farm is a game about playing with koi ponds. Explore an infinite number of procedurally generated koi patterns by crossbreeding your fish, and discover new mutations as you go along.”

Flex your koi prowess by developing the most unique patterns, then sending them to your lesser companions via “fish codes.” Fish codes allow you to distribute your creations as images that can be sloshed into your friends’ own gaming ponds. Koi patterns are procedurally generated, and they’re able to mutate, making finding and selecting the best patterns an experience that can be as deep as you want it to be. Koi Farm releases for PC only on February 26.