Reveal Trailer Out Now for OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast

OddFauna–the brand of fantastical beasts crafted by Seattle-based Emma SanCartier–is finally poised to wrap up the indie world in its warm, whimsical tendrils. Long teased on the Twitter account of Cliff Mitchell (SanCartier’s husband and development partner), the OddFauna title was nothing more than a tantalizing mystery…until now. On February 9, OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast was officially announced, and it came with the drop of a release trailer. The project is formally described with the following:

“Grow your own handcrafted open-world sandbox on the back of a Terrabeast. Farm, craft and terraform to survive the whimsical wilderness.”

The strange creatures of the OddFauna world are the backbone of its charm. Faithfully rendered for an on-screen experience, Secret of the Terrabeast takes the OddFauna family into an exciting new realm, bringing the original illustrations to life in an aesthetically tangible and interactive way. OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast is headed for Early Access first, it seems, and the current schedule sees it landing in late 2021 for PC only.