Endnight Games Begets New Gameplay Trailer for Sons of the Forest

First teased in 2019, then followed by radio silence scarier than P.T.‘s stereo static, Sons of the Forest has had fans screaming for news for what feels like years. Well, fans–buckle up. On December 23, Endnight Games (apropos of nothing?!) dropped a new gameplay trailer via Twitter. Their message stated the simple following:

“Today we are debuting our next trailer for ‘Sons Of The Forest’ Everything you will see is recorded in real-time from our latest build.”

The trailer features weapons, enemies, and locales not shown before, and it also provides a release “window” for the title–if “2021” can be called a window. A bay window, perhaps. The video promises a great deal to those who already know what they’re in for with a sequel to 2018’s The Forest, a survival-horror indie with both storytelling and fort building. Suffice to say, ravenous fans will be even more unrestrainable after being given this gory taste of what’s to come.