Snap Spooky Shots in Spoopy Penko Park

The essence of spoopy (“spooky cute” for the uninitiated and annoyed) has been perfectly bottled by Berlin-based studio Ghostbutter in their Penko Park, released on October 23. Outfitted to make players simultaneously say, “Aw!” and “…Wha?!” Penko Park wields an aesthetic as creepy as it is cute. Ghostbutter summarizes their “wildlife” adventure thus:

“Snap pictures of spooky-cute creatures & explore an abandoned wildlife park.”

Embrace a world very different from your own. An abandoned park rolls out before you–a park teeming with creatures horrible…yet strangely huggable. Play their paparazzi and snag shots of them all, challenging yourself to flesh out your guidebook with tools like your Ghost-o-Vision and your Grappling Hand. Penko Park is out now for PC only.