The Drifting Woods Conjures Up First Sneak Peek

Vancouver-based studio Ninja Robot Dinosaur, developer of Bunker Punks, released on December 5 a sneak peek at upcoming The Drifting Woods. This first look promises a bewitching world that may or may not have run afoul of reality. Ninja Robot Dinosaur describes their project thus:

“Join Amelia Dehr, apprentice witch extraordinaire, as she discovers her powers, unravels the mysteries of Sigil Island and learns about her family’s dark past.”

Amelia must practice her craft with her grandmother on Sigil Island, a place threatened by secrets, strangers, and weirdos– Wait, no. The weirdos are harmless. Probably. The Drifting Woods is a narrative action adventure with puzzles around every corner and a brooding forest in the distance. This title is currently slated for a 2021 release on PC.

The Drifting Woods Screenshot