New Demo and Trailer Drop into Place for Dorfromantik

One tile at a time, Toukana Interactive‘s Dorfromantik proves that a perfect world is possible. The Berlin-based studio of four released a new trailer on December 2 for their citybuilder, and December 3 was greeted by a new demo. Dorfromantik promises an idyllic escape, one that refreshes itself with procedural generation to keep its tile universe from becoming worn. Toukana Interactive summarizes their project thus:

“Dorfromantik is a peaceful building strategy and puzzle game where you create a beautiful and ever-growing village landscape by placing tiles. Explore a variety of colorful biomes, discover and unlock new tiles and complete quests to fill your world with life!”

The world is a deck, and you are its dealer. Draw and drop tiles in a race to use your available space in the cleverest way you can. Quests provide a guided challenge, but the experience is meant to be a contemplative one. Strive for the high score if that’s your cup of tea, but Dorfromantik rewards equally the player who simply craves a safe space for play. Dorfromantik is slated for a PC release in the first half of 2021.