In Promesa, Walk the Blurry Boundary Between Memory and Dream

Memory is fickle. Recalling anything perfectly is a skill wielded only by very few, and a mishmash of rememberings, misrememberings, and sheer dreams is what the rest of us must contend with. Promesa, developed by Milan-based Julián Palacios Gechtman, explores the gray area that exists where dream and memory collide, and the even grayer area that exists when one tries to imagine someone else’s imaginings. Promesa is summarized with the following:

“A contemplative experience where you’ll wander through the dreams, memories and fantasies emerging from a dialogue between a grandfather and his grandchild.”

Best described as a walking simulator that demands contemplation, Promesa is a meditative experience that toys with the familiar and the strange. You’ll get out of Promesa what you put in, and each playthrough of roughly an hour will deliver a different experience. Promesa released on October 15 for PC only, and was inspired by real-life conversations between a grandfather and his grandchild.