Feel the Pulse of The Wild at Heart on May 20

Behind the wooded drapery of the mundane thrives a swirling world of magic and mystery. Moonlight Kids have been tugging the curtains away from their project The Wild at Heart since 2019, letting the tendrils of its enchantment become stronger and stronger in the indie air. The studio consists of just six people across Atlanta, Portland, and Spokane, and on March 26, they finally tweeted the following:

“GET READY The Wild at Heart is coming to a screen near you on May 20, 2021!! Available for PC, Xbox, and Game Pass!”

At long last, the mystical brew of The Wild at Heart has been deemed ready. Gameplay consists of collecting and weaponizing minions, discovering and exploring paths, and doing away with the mischievous foes that threaten from the shadows. Follow Wake and Kirby as they trip into a world not fit for the unmagical and fall in with a society on the edge of ruin. The Wild at Heart releases on May 20 for PC and Xbox only.