Narita Boy’s Alternate 80s Sings a Synth Siren’s Song

The future came home on March 30, the day that Narita Boy launched for just about every system available. Spain-based Studio Koba set out with a simple mission–“to create unique and bizarre experiences for the player.” They’ve been a studio since 2016, and Narita Boy, their breakout project, is a blisteringly exact delivery on their original promise. The 80s-inspired, tech-infatuated Narita Boy is summarized with the following:

“Become symphonic in Narita Boy! A radical action-adventure as a legendary pixel hero trapped as a mere echo within the Digital Kingdom. Discover the mysteries behind the Techno-sword, lock swords with the corrupt and tainted Stallions. Save the world!”

Reality takes a techno twist as the digital world grapples with the human. It’s a story as old as time–man creates game, game destroys man. “The Creator,” a developer who designed both a console and its first hit, endures a deletion of memories caused by a rogue system in his own code. Play as the pixelated hero whose mission it is to master a mysterious sword, unravel its mysteries, and kick some serious butt. Narita Boy is out now on all major systems minus mobile.