Playtesters Get One More Turn with Bravery Network Online

The challenge has been issued, turn-based tacticians. If you’ve been eagerly following Toronto-based GLOAM‘s upcoming project, it’s your time to shine. GLOAM announced on January 21 that they’re hosting one final round of free playtesting with the public for Bravery Network Online. The form for signing up has this to say:

“Hey folks, we’re looking for volunteers in the comings weeks to come play around with our demo and test the game. We want to see how the game runs with more folks, get a little bit of feedback, and make sure our servers are working! You’ll get a hands-on glimpse into the game, and help us out with development!”

Bravery Network Online is a tactical turn-based team RPG. Five fighters will heed your call, and it’s up to you to guide them to victory against real-life opponents or in-game antagonists. The title is destined for an Early Access release after this, so there’s still a long journey of “testing” ahead–but this demo is your last chance to get a taste while the sampling is free. Bravery Network Online is slated for a PC release with no launch window as of yet.